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    hey smart people please tell me where I can get software for my creative webcam instant. The disc is cracked and I had to dump my hard drive to rid myself of fking virus or trojans or whatever it was. The dump worked but now I can't get my cam to work and I really love and need my cam so pls someone tell me what to do. thanks:nervous:
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    You never mentioned what OS you use, so i'll take a stab anyway.

    Creative WebCam Instant Driver v1.01.02.0729 Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP

    This is the latest driver release for Creative WebCam Instant.

    Added Features or Enhancements:
    Enables you to adjust the amount of exposure when viewing videos in Microsoft Netmeeting.
    Enables you to view video at VGA (640x480) resolution with software enhancement.

    Resolves the intermittent jerky video issue that occurs in certain computer systems.
    Improves functionality of the contrast control when adjusting contrast.

    These are WHQL certified.
    You'd be amazed what google does when you type 'creative webcam instant driver' in the search box :p