Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Wrathchild, Apr 23, 2002.

  1. Wrathchild

    Wrathchild OSNN Senior Addict

    My taskbar volume control used to make an innocuous little "ding" when I let go of the slider. Now it makes the system speaker beep. No wave file, just the really annoying system beep. Any ideas what "event" that is and if I can re-associate it with the original wav file?
  2. AmarSingh

    AmarSingh Guest

    take a look in the audio control panel

    start->control panel-> sounds and audio devices

    then click the sounds tab. is there any sound associated with "default beep"?
  3. Static 99

    Static 99 Guest

    Or you could disable that annoying system beep.
    Just use Tweak UI (part of "XP Powertoys" which you can download on the mainpage under "Free XP addons").
  4. Wrathchild

    Wrathchild OSNN Senior Addict

    No in both cases

    There is no "default beep" selection in the list of events to associate sounds with. I looked there first. I can't use the tweak UI setting because it's for the defaul error beep, not the volome control slider beep.
  5. Static 99

    Static 99 Guest

    Weird, it works for me.
    Try assigning "Windows XP Standard sound.wav" to "Standard sound".
    I have a Dutch version so i'm not sure if it's the same name.
  6. Wrathchild

    Wrathchild OSNN Senior Addict

    No Luck

    I have neither that wav file, nor the selction for it. I guess maybe I'm outta luck. Maybe I should hop a plane to your neighborhood and relax at "Global Chillage" for a bit and think about it. Is that place still open. The Bulldog over in the red light is cool too.

  7. Static 99

    Static 99 Guest

    Don't know if Global Chillage is still open, the police is closing more and more shops each day, they just closed my favorite :(

    If i turn off all the system sounds i allway's get a "system error beep" (from that little build in pc speaker!) using the volume slider, and after turning off the beep in Tweak UI i don't hear anything anymore using the volume slider. (nice and quiet :))

    Or maybe you've got a nasty driver problem.

    Good luck!
  8. Lawtai

    Lawtai Guest

    I'm pretty sure that Ding is to help you know what sound level you're going to be using. As you slide the bar up for higher volume, does the ding get louder, and vice versa? I think that's just there to give you an idea of how loud or soft your sounds gonna be.
  9. Static 99

    Static 99 Guest

    Thanks Lawtai, didn't know that.
    Maybe i'll put it back on, i thought it was just there to annoy me.
  10. Wrathchild

    Wrathchild OSNN Senior Addict

    Uh Huh

    Yes, that's what it's supposed to do. That's what I'd like it to do. If you read the first post up there, you'll see that that tone has been replaced by a beep from the system speaker. No increase or decrease in volume, because the system speaker doesn't have volume, just a default beep. I'm trying to figure out how to get the default wav file beep back.