O&O DiskImage 2 Special Edition Free License Registration Code and Download

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    O&O DiskImage 2 is a disk cloning software that can perform either an incremental imaging, 1 to 1 forensic image or normal image of an entire operating system on used sectors, from whole hard disks or individual partitions. Taking an image of hard disk drive is making a copy of stored data, essential for system recovery, restore to previous state, speedily install many other similar computer to functional state or perform hard drive upgrade purpose, thus preventing possible data loss.

    Computerative (VNU) magazine together with O&O Software is giving away free license to O&O Diskimage 2 Special Edition (SE), a full version product as O&O DiskImage 2 Professional Edition, but lack the ability to make a make bootable O&O DiskImage Recovery CD, a Windows-based Start Up CD, which is required to restore a system partition. Otherwise, users can only restore images of data partitions or volumes.

    Register for O&O DiskImage 2 Special Edition full unlimited usage license at http://www.oo-software.com/home/en/special/vnu/. After submitting the registration form, a free license key for O&O DiskImage 2 Special Edition in the form of registration code will be sent to the e-mail address.

    Register for your free copy of O&O DiskImage 2 Special Edition.

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