NVRefreshTool 2.0 is out (NVIDIA+XP refresh rate problem fixer).

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Vorpal, Sep 9, 2002.

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    It's on the front page as well :D

    I deleted your redundant post in Tips & Tweaks, it only needs to be posted once :)
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  4. Is the windows XP refresh rate problem only relevent to Nvidia cards and drivers??
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    Nope, read this:

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    I downloaded that program..I see no deferences at all! 60 or 100 it's the same.
  7. I thought it must be all cards because my new monitor keeps popping up and telling me that the refresh rate is lower than recommended. So it will be ok installing the NVRefresh Tool with my Radeon 9700 Pro 128MB DDR.

    :D Smug
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    Maybe the monitor is just trying to say:

    "I can't believe that idiot spent $400 on a video card when there are no games that even utilize it."


  9. I think the bloke in the shop told me that already, but money wasn't an issue for me, i just wanted the best i could get from where i went!
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    i think rivatuner is just as good, if not better
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    do all these fixes work the same?

    Im currently usinf refreshlock, and it seem to work fine.... is there one better in NVrefreshtool or whatever?
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    Sounds like your loaded with money.. If so.. buy me one !! ;)
  13. Well it wasn't an issue at the time, but i'm just brought a new computer and a new car so now i have no cash again!
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    Well damn.. I have no money at all and I want a new bright and shiny AMD XP 2200.. the place where I shop at has them for only $152.. but I have probably about.. only 10$ of that.. I need it to run games like mafia in high detail lol
  15. Oh man, sorry to sound like i'm bragging but Mafia runs like a dream, i have it on full res and full GFX settings!
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    You should loan me some money for atleast a 512 mem stick ;D .. and damnit.. I put all the settings on high for mafia and it looks awesome as hell.. but I dont like playing with like 10 fps ;/ .. back in the day this computer played everything in high detail with no problems ;*(
  17. That's the trouble with technology, i know my computer is tops now, but in a short ammount of time it'll be useless.
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    Well, atleast my comp runs unreal 2003 good in high detial