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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by GhaLeoN, Jun 14, 2002.

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    Question for those of you out there using dual monitors (or more)...

    In my nVIEW setup, I've created a set of hotkeys to move windows to either monitor (IE: ctrl+q sends a window to monitor 1, ctrl+w send the window to monitor 2)

    The problem is, whenever a window is maximized and I want to move it to either monitor, I will hit the hotkey, but the window will "jump" from the intended monitor back to the original monitor...

    Its almost as if the window tries to fit in the other monitor, but it fails to do so, and goes back to the original monitor.

    I have a geforce 2 TI, and am using the 29.40 beta drivers for XP. I am also using windowblinds, but i dont think that should matter

    thanks for the help in advance
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    forgot something

    the window-monitor change works perfect with any window that isnt maximized, in addition to programs that run in little windows
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    forgot again,

    my other vid card is an old ATI mach64 PCI, if that helps
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    maybe nVIEW just dosent allow any maximized programs to be moved to the other screen? kinda like you can't drag a maximized window anywhere? anyone?