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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by scriptasylum, Nov 27, 2002.

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    I have my Visiontek Ti4400 o/c to 300/600 (default is 275/550). If I push it to 305/610, I get some small flashing rectangles and larger flashing triangles in some games (mostly in NFS-HP2). Is this what is referred to as "video tearing"?

    I have installed a copper GPU HS as well as some decent RAM sinks, and the heatsinks are warm but not hot at all after playing a game (not much heat difference between default frequencies and the O/C ones), so cooling is not an issue. So, naturally, i want to go further :)

    I have the option in BIOS to increase the AGP voltage from 1.5 to 1.6, 1.7, and 1.8v. Would increasing the AGP bus voltage help the tearing problem (if that is in fact what the issue is)? I understand it will heat up the components a bit more.

    Really, the only reason I want to do this is for NFS-HP2. I find if I use the behind-the-car view, I get pretty crappy FPS (around 30-35 at a guess). So, I have been using the front bumper cam which seems to help a lot, but I don't like as much (can't see how close those #$@! cops are). I have in-game settings at 1024x768 @16bit color. I do want high car and world detail. I think my hardware should be able to do this reasonably well. I get about 10,800 in 3dMark (I know that doesn't really mean much, but it gives you people some idea where I am).

    BTW: I'm using 40.72 drivers, vsync is turned off, FSAA is at 2x, texture sharpening off, and Anistropic is off. The rest of my H/W is in my sig.

    If anyone has any other ideas how to help preformance (aside from reducing settings), please share the knowledge!
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    if your image is corrupted like your screen is when you push it a little too far.. you may not want to go further... specially if you have already gotten it as cool as you think you can... chances of damage to the card increase past a certain point... for comparison sake.. my score in my sig is based almost entirely on my cpu oc... not too much video card oc'ing involved.. 2x FSAA is on... and slider is set to performance...

    bear in mind that ati's version of perfrmance is different from that of nvidia... :) it is better looking graphics wise...

    you can increase the voltage to increase any stability issues... but the image corruption requires something else...

    post your compare link and include details on what you have done to your pc when you got the score so we can maybe help you tweak it and break 11000 marks :)
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    the problem is htat nfs:hp2 is not so stable thats why it has choopy fps.

    i have a gainward Ti4400 and get 10999 at 3dmark2k1 and it still runs choopy
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    I have a Visiontek Ti4400 and I found the highest the core clock speed is 300mhz and the memory speed can go as high as 680mhz. Thats what i alwayz use im using the 40.72 (havent tested with em yet to lazy) so what i find best for my card is 300/680 (thats with stock cooling)
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    Well, I haven't posted my score online, I don't see much help from that. I just ran the benchmark to see how I compare to other people.

    As far as my PC: I will be getting some Corsair PC2700 (maybe PC3000 if I o/c my FSB) when I can shell out $200, but for now am running crappy "All Components" PC2100 DDR (@2.5 CAS). I know this will help my benchmark somewhat but I really care for "real" world performance. Everything else if running OK. My Athlon XP2000+ is not unlocked (yet) so I could up my FSB I suppose. I just think my vid card (even though it's "only" an nvidia card) should be able to play this game reasonably well.

    Thanks. I'll try upping the mem speed a bit then. Like I said, I have "aftermarket" cooling so I'm not worried much about that, plus I have pretty good airflow over the vid card.

    One question though: Are there any performance issues with running the memory asyncronously with the GPU? In the processor world, the system CPU and system RAM seems to run better when run syncronously even though the speed may be actually lower. Does the same hold true here?

    I will probably try it out and see: o/c a bit then test, o/c a bit then test, etc.

    Oh, and what is up with NFS-HP2?? I've heard people running old GF2's and run fine?!

    You know, tracking the trend of vid cards, I can almost see soon a PC will consist of 2 major parts: System mobo/CPU/RAM and ANOTHER mobo/GPU/RAM for the graphics. I mean look at the speed, power requirements, and size of these graphics cards now! They otta to just trim the length of the system mobo, and add a big connector on the bottom for a "graphics motherboard". :rolleyes:
  6. scriptasylum

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    Des Moines,IA
    Well, I increased the AGP voltage to 1.6. Then I o/c the system to 137 FSB / 68.5 AGP / 34.25 PCI. I was then able to get the vid card o/c to 310/620 without the little triangles and rectangles!

    I tried adjusting the vid memory only, and was able to get to 650, but I got better results keeping the GPU and mem frequencies syncronous.

    I ran 3dMark again and was able to achieve 11025. The online results are here in case anyone cares:
    Not too bad, but not really worth the effort.

    I still do not notice any difference in NFS, so I guess I'm either stuck with the bumper cam or crappy frame rates. :rolleyes:
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    Visiontek's cards are not as stable as an MSI or gainward solution. Thats why you get the triangles. Despite what you might here BRAND does play a big role in what your using.