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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by shaydenb, Jun 15, 2002.

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    "I'm in the dark here!" - Pacino - "Scent of a Woman"

    I have a GeForce 2 Ultra. I ran the 29.35 drivers without a hitch. Life was great. I loaded the 29.42 drivers and it hit the fan. The only driver that will load successfully now is the default XP driver which is not that great for gaming. I've tried going back, forward (29.60 [non sactioned]), and sideways. Any, and I mean any advice at this point is appreciated.

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    No offence man, but I tried that 2 days ago. I also tried this from another post...

    "If for some strange reason Nvidia does not show up in the Add Remove section of the Controll pannel try this.
    First change your adapter to standard VGA Adapter.
    Then do a search and type in NV*.* and delete everything found.

    Then get the Reg Cleaner from here- http://www.jv16.org/
    Open the program and in the software coloum delete any Reg keys associated with Nvidia. Then in that same program go to Tools/registry clean up/do them all- run that part of the program and it should be safe to delete everything that shows up.
    (this program will automatically make a backup of anything you delete for safety purposes)
    Dont empty recycle bin just yet.
    Now everything concerning Nvidia should be gone.
    Install new drivers.
    If everything is everything empty recycle bin in a day or so. ..."
  3. Yeah, Catch23 is correct. Thats the procedure you have to use when un-installing your drivers. That problem plagued me for the longest, I tried tweaking everything.. disabling fast writes.. side band adressing.. i formatted like 2 or 3 times too. Unlucky for me I didn't know about this forum at that time.. and i had to figure that out on my own =(.
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    I agree totally.
    I always remove from the Device Manager.
    Doesn't make any difference.
    Any more Ideas?
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    What are you smoking?
    Is anyone else out there?
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    That does seem to be a simplistic answer though.
    I do appreciate your response.
    My apologies.
    I'm going to try some uninstall programs first.
    Any you recommend?
    If all fails, I will reinstall Windows.
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    I had heard of this nVidia display uninstaller that removes every trace of Detonator drivers from the system. I don't remember where to get it though ... can somebody remember and help this guy out ... I'm sure it should work, and that way, u won't need to reformat.

    EDIT: Ok, here's one called NVCleaner http://www.guru3d.com/files/

    And there's another called Detonator Destroyer.

    I haven't tried em out, but they should do the job.
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    if not, do what catch suggests. once accepted by the soul, formatting can be found to be a cleansing and uplifting experience...

    ... or is that XP-erience??? }:D
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    well, sure... I've heard of people formating their hd's all the time, many of my friends to too... I would like to a bit more often, but regretably I have a brother.... (says it all) But cleansing your HD every once in a while is healty! I agree totally, that's why my puter works so hunky...
    (haven't formated for three years, only changed HD's a couple of times)
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    10k in 4 years? lol... how do you find time to post?? bout 8 formats a day! i feel sorry for your optical drives.

    messin }:p
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    I only format when I get a new HDD. Format is only needed if your system turned into a nightmare. I use Norton Ghost though. To hell with Windows System Restore. If something went real bad, that won't help you either.

    And instead of formattign now and then, I rather keep my system clean. It's really not that hard. Get the right software, now what you are adding or removing. Use some cleaners, clean manually. Keeps your system healthy without losing all your data.

    Anyway, on www.guru3d.com you can find Detonator Destroyer. It will entirely remove everything from the nVidia install files. Maybe that will help you. Good luck.

    And try not to snap so fast. People are trying to help, even if you don't agree with their solutions.
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    well, you outnumber me :)
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    FFS, and I thought I was bad with once a month. :rolleyes:
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    What use is that? If you are going to put back the image you will get exactly the same system as you deleted just before that. Including junk-files and excessive registry entries.
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    Okay. So you are going to get an image of a clean isntall?

    Are you using the Image software from XP itself?
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    all that work for.... what?
    I'd say that's going to the excess....
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    When you change drivers, you should not just overwrite one set with the other. Whilst that works with other types of drivers and it can work sometimes with v/card drivers, it is best to use Add an Remove Progs from the Control Panel to remove previous drivers first. XP professes to remove driver entries from the registry and with all the many driver exchanges I have carried out I have found nothing to the contrary.

    Sometimes nVidia alters the root files of its drivers and if you overwrite these you will get a conflict and of course problems.

    To ensure all remnants of your existing drivers have been removed:

    Click-START then RUN and type in the dialogue box regedit and then click OK.

    You will then be faced with a drop-down list. Click the cross in the box next to HKEY_CURRENT_USER. When it opens, click on the cross next to SOFTWARE. Scroll down and remove any reference to NVIDIA CORPORATION by right clicking on it and deleting it.

    Once you've done that, close all the boxes up and repeat the same procedure with the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. You can then return to your desktop. I have not had to do this with XP, but follow this routine:

    1. Go into Add and Remove Programs and click on Remove NVIDIA Windows 2000/XP Display Drivers.

    2. Then click Yes to remove them from the registry.

    3. If it asks you to remove nView profiles, obviously click Yes if you haven't set any, or No if you have. Personally I haven't found the need for them.

    4. Then click Yes to restart.

    5. After rebooting, a Wizard will ask if you want to Install software (your drivers) automatically or from a specific location.

    6. Click on Specific location and then on Next.

    7. You will then get another box in which you should click where it says Don't search, I will choose the driver to install, Then on Next.

    8. In the next box, click on Display adapters and then Next.

    9. This box has a list of graphics/video cards but ignore them. Click on Have Disk and then on Next.

    10. This will bring up a box called Install From Disk.

    11. Click on the Browse button and when the Locate File box pops up, direct it to where you have the driver located, that you wish to install.

    12. Then click on the driver to expose the display file, usually a nv4_disp or a nv4_disp.inf file. At the same time the file will appear in the File name box below.

    13. Click on Open.

    14. This will return you to the Install From Disk box, where the filepath will be displayed opposite the Browse button.

    15. Click OK.

    16. The next box will will show your card type, e.g. NVIDIA Geforce 3 Ti 500. Just click Next and it will start to install the drivers.

    17. Within a split second, a warning box will appear. Completely ignore this as it is pure bull from Microsoft. nVidia are the experts at making drivers, not MS. Click on Continue Anyway and the drivers will install.

    18. Finally click on Finish when it arrives.

    A pop-up balloon will appear near your clock in the bottom right corner, confirming the installation is complete.

    You are then ready to adjust your card and refresh rates and off you go

    If you have a question about 4 in 1s go to VIAHARDWARE.com and ask someone on THEIR forums. There are cats there that know what they are talking about.

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    catch32 no offence but if you got to reformat every 2 weeks even 3 - 4 times a day to keep your system "healthy" you are probably the worts idiot out there, its been probably a year since my las format, and my system runs as it did the first day, all i need to do is clean it once in a while but the hell with format, its only needed when you buy a new disc, after that it depends on the user.

    so like i said no ofence just my 2 cents.

    P.S. THERE is allways several solutions to one problem don't limit yourself to formating.

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    dude i push my system to the limits myself, and i don't need to format, i have my system organized i don't think pushing to the limits and organization have anything to do with that.

    and you are nothing less than wrong REALLY wrong FORMATING is NOT the only way to get rid of windows "common" problems as you are saying, if you at least searched for info on hoe to fix it you will know that formating is not required FOR any problem.

    But hey like you said we are just a bunch of kids what do we know? we should just all format our computers everytime it crashes because thats the ONLY solution.

    i think you need to grow up and star fetching the facts instead of spreading nonsense like that.
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    Get the facts on WHY do I NEED to format more than once a year??

    and if you don't know what mess you got on YOUR system then you probably again need to GET MORE INFO on it.

    but like you said its your system, and my point is WHY are you telling EVERYONE they need to FORMAT ? I've seen a few post of you and some of them do point to format, for installing drivers ? FORMAT, for fixing a drivers problem? FORMAT, i mean come one make some sense on your posts. i love this forum and all of it but i guess users like you are no help at all when all your anwsers point to formating a system that only has a simple driver problem.

    and this is getting old, so End of discussion!