Nvidia and Via OHHHNOOOO

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by loppdawg69, Mar 6, 2002.

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    Ok i have a Asus a7m266 which has a via chipset in it, i also have a Geforce2 400 pro i want to install my new 4inone drivers for via and my drivers from nvidia...i just tried this and i got no picture just went =P::: at me. I have been planning a reinstall of XP anyway but i want to know how i should go about this. Im in class so if you respond quickly ill read it quickly..SYSTEM ANALYSIS IS THE MOST BORING CLASS EVER!
  2. loppdawg69

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    I heard there was incompatability probs though
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    nVidia & VIA

    I don't know where you heard of incompatability problems with nVidia and VIA chipsets? They both work fine in XP. Just make sure your using 4in1 version 4.34 or above and the latest nVidia drivers approved for XP.