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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Qumahlin, Jan 27, 2002.

  1. Qumahlin

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    I installed these driver and LOVE them, some of the nview desktop features are cool, and my 3dmark score went up and i also haven't had a single crash yet....only problem I have is I use CursorXP to have the cool aplhablended cursors and all...and if I use Nviews desktop manager I can't see the cursor when I switch desktops! is this a cursorXP problem...or a nview problem? anynone who has experienced this please post :)
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    I had problems with them. The drivers and the OSD for my SB remote conflicts. In CS the main screen (has the console, configuration, blah blah) would shift so I see 2 of them. It was not a good thing. I use my OSD during CS and it would minimize CS. :(
  3. Bootsy

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    I still havent found any good reliable detonator drivers for my Gforce 2 GTS. They all freeze my comp during gameplay...be it CS or AVP2. If anyone has found some that dont make the video freeze I'd appreciate it. Right now I'm using the 22.80's and they seem to be the most reliable ones yet.
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    i tried the 2700's and the 27.10's but got lower scores,so i went
    back to the 23.11's w/ my geforce2 ti , no freezes or anything.
    this seem to work best for me.;)
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    Hi there where do i get the new detonator drivers from ? 2700 ones .....
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    The front page ;)