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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by everton, Dec 23, 2001.

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    After browsing this forum, I'd like to know whether there are any new suggestions people may have to resolve the nv4_disp / blue screen of death problem with the latest NVidia drivers. I find that many 3d games freeze when I load them, and I get the error message relating to a problem with nv4_disp.

    I notice that there was a thread mentioning a beta fix from VIA to get around the problem. Has anyone tried it? I'm going to go back to the 21.83 drivers - are these likely to get around the problem?

    My spec: ASUS TNT2 Pro 32 MB, P3-700 ASUS P3V4X, 512 MB SDRAM.

    I'd really appreciate any advice or comments as I'm just about ready to ditch Win XP and go back to 98. :(

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    I had the same problem, I tried the beta driver 22.50 which worked very well for me.

    Check it yourself, you can always rollback the driver...

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    This was experienced (heh) by some of the earlier drivers, but seems to have been cleaned up more recently, which drivers are you using exactly?
    I used to get this error but with 23.11 - 21.81 they stopped I think.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    Well, I was using 23.11 and still getting the problem. I went back to 21.83 - which I'd read were the last Microsoft-certified drivers - and guess what, when I ran directXdiag to confirm this, directXdiag froze! Typically the screen goes blank, the mouse freezes, and control alt delete brings up a blue screen telling me that the error is caused by nv4_disp - if i'm lucky! The only option appears to be to hit reset.

    So now with 21.83, I rebooted and dropped the AGP aperture from 4X to 2X in the BIOS setup screen (I'd read somewhere that someone tried this and found it helped) - that seems to have cured my problem, though I guess I haven't tested it completely yet. I will let people know how I get on. I'm not sure what sort of a performance hit, if any, going from 4X to 2X will give - for the time being I'm just happy to be running WinXP without it freezing!