NTL worst service in UK

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Lee, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. Lee

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    NTL was yesterday named as providing the WORST customer service in Britain.

    The communications firm moved up three places from last year to lead the league of shame.

    The poll by Internet Market Research Services also brought bad news for BT who drop out of the best firms to take second worst behind NTL.

    Tesco top the list for best customer service for the second year.

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  2. Evil Marge

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    You can't exactly put NTL, BT and PC World in the same category as say Morrisons or Asda's customer service where customers will have completely different queries such as "Do you have any bananas in stock?" or "Do have so and so item in a size 10?" :laugh:
  3. SPeedY_B

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    Midlands, England
    Couldn't agree more, NTL need to just sell up to Telewest/Blueyonder and be done with it.

    Their service is awful, their support is awful. Just an awful company really :)
  4. Nick

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    North West, UK
    This obviously came out too late to take into account TalkTalk Broadband's customer service. They have massively oversubscribed and you have to wait in a 45 minute queue to speak to someone, if you get someone at all, and there is up to a two week delay on email responses.

    Not to mention all the other problems with the service:
  5. Carrio110

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    I've always had a decent quality of service from NTL. I know it would be stupid to say that everyone gets the same but I have no beef with them.

    For me it always works, at a good speed and no annoying access restrictions. Plus they're doubling the connection speeds for free.

    But then again because I've been lucky and it works all the time, I've never had to deal with customer support which with a company the size of NTL could be a nightmare.
  6. Evil Marge

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    I have to say that I agree with that.I've never really had any bother with NTL and found them to be quite helpful actually :)