Ntl Cable Installation Prob

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    BMWCHUBB Guest

    :mad: just had ntl broadband installed today.
    On the part where it obtains a new ip address???
    WELL it dont.Phoned tech support,they said they
    could,nt help?NTL that is.I realy need this cable
    but if i carnt get it to work,it will have to go back.

    TCP/IP Networking ERROR CODE 94
    There is one network adapter in the system and it is configured
    for DHCP, but it is unable to release/renew an ip address??

  2. Reg

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    Arlington, TX
    What OS are running? Secondly, are there any lights on your modem that are flashing? Call NTL, and tell them to add your MAC address to their DHCP allowed list as well. If they gave you software, run it.

    BMWCHUBB Guest

    ntl cable

    I am running xp pro.
    The modem is fine !! i have run it on another pc with xp pro.
    Wondering if their is service tured off?that requires to
    be enabled for it to work?Yes i do have the software for it!!
    is their any thing that might help?
  4. a1ehouse

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    Have u changed ur settings in Tools>Internet Options>connections to Never use dial up? If not ring ntl they have a dedicated helpline
  5. Reg

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    Arlington, TX
    I think you may be having one of two issues because of what you stated:

    1. Turn off your XP machine that is connected to the modem. Unplug your modem and wait about 10 seconds. Then plug it back. Once it connects, turn on your XP machine. This resolves the CPE set to 1 issue that is present on most cable service providers. It also clears the modems MAC tables so that a new PC will grab an IP.

    Note: If this works, your IP address will most likely be different.

    2. If the above doesn't work, call NTL and tell them you have a new NIC card. They will then ask for the MAC address of the machine. Give them your MAC address. Then repeat number 1.

    BMWCHUBB Guest

    still no ip address

    Gave up with it now:(
    Phoned ntl?They said that their is no support for xp-pro??

    I asked what to do with?They said you will still be,
    charged for it wether you use it or not!!
    12months contract,wich i have not signed:) .
    Now they say its a verbal contract??

    Still would love to know what the prob is???
    I have 4 pcs with xp-pro on,the modem works
    fine on 3 of them,but guess what?The one i
    want it on?yes you,ved guessed right????
  7. Zedric

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    Can't you just run ICS or something on one of the slower computers and still use the faster one. You don't need much speed to run ICS. Have you tried changing the NIC?

    BMWCHUBB Guest

    ntl cable

    :cool: Thanks for your relpys!!:cool:

    This is what was wrong??

    Under services, set DHCP to Automatic then hit apply, then select start service.


    It was set to manual???:D
  9. ozzy_james

    ozzy_james Guest

    Same Prob

    Having the same problem, can you please tell me where to find services

  10. Zedric

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    Control Panel > Adminstration Tools > Services
  11. jonocainuk

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    or services.msc :p

    i installed ntl for me girlfriend, its a case of slinging an rj45 cable (it says on the stb what type (xover or straight)) from stb to pc, opening MSIE (or whatever browser u use) and going to "start.ntl" (minus the quotes) and go through that stuff there. when complete, turn off pc and turn off modem, wait a minute, turn modem on, turn pc on when modem fully connected, ntl installed :)

    i cant believe how they think that is worth paying £60 installation fee for!!! (thats how much it was at the time)
  12. Lol they installed mine for free!! and i use the DIGIbox/ modem variant, so i dont have to worry about all this crap since its always the same ip!
  13. jonocainuk

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    digibox/modem variant = u use a cable from the tv box to the pc for net?
  14. Yes, and its damn reliable too!
  15. jonocainuk

    jonocainuk Guest

    aye, tell me bout it!! i had blueyonder when i was at me parents house and that was a separate modem @ 512k. now at me girlfriends with the combined digibox+modem on NTL @ 600k and it rocks!!!

    as for the guys problem though... turn off modem/digibox... turn off PC... wait bout 1 - 2 minutes... turn on modem/digibox... when all lights are lit on modem/digibox (online light especially), turn on PC. Enjoy speed.
  16. TheBlueRaja

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    Agreed, NTL take a lot of flack for their kit, but ive had Broadband for about a year now and have never had any issues with it worth noting, and at 600k it totally rocks compared to a modem (spit)..

    When i do have to phone them i always tell them i have XP Home as opposed to pro as they dont line pro for some reason.

    Also, do be aware with this kinda thing that you really should double check everything as it usually IS you that has the problem and not them, ESPECIALLY if you have a firewall and you cant access a service like P2P.

    (NTL Convert_Speaks)