Ntfs Vs Fat32

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Jz1397-5, Jun 23, 2002.

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    I have a laptop with the following specs:
    1GHz PIII
    256 PC-133
    8x DVD4x/4x CD-RW24x CDROM
    Trident CyberBalde i1
    20GB 4200RPM HD

    I want to do a reformat, right now I am using an NTFS drive with 18.6GB total. Heres the deal, should I stay with NTFS or switch to FAT32, because I heard that FAT32 files are smaller (?). Would there be any performance increase between a FAT32 or NTFS on a 4200 RPM laptop drive? Please asap, thanks!
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    I think you should stick with NTFS. NTFS is a better File System than FAT32. I don't know what you heard about FAT32 files being smaller.... I have never heard of that. I don't know everything about NTFS and FAT32 but I know that NTFS is a lot better. FAT32 has a lot more error's. NTFS never has error's. It also doesn't have that dumb disk scan right before your computer boots if you shut it down improperly. It has more advantages that FAT32 I know... But like I said I don't know them all :D
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    If your comp crashes its almost imposible to get your data out of an ntfs system id stick with fat32
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    FAT32 is better for gaming

    NTFS is more secure, but it's not "better" that FAT32. FAT32 is faster, and therefore better for gaming. FAT32 allows easier access to data, which is good or bad depending on the scenario. If you're just using your notebook for general office work and surfing, I'd go fo the relative safety of NTFS.
  6. When I put XP Home on my pc last October, I left the file system Fat32. After a couple of weeks the system became very unstable, scandisk would run every time I rebooted, and I had to reboot a lot. In December me and my No.2 son decided to reinstall with NTFS for the file system. Ever since then our system has been rock solid. As far as I'm concerned it's NTFS all the way.

    And my son plays all the latest games and hasn't complained of any performance problems yet.