NTFS qustion... running slow...

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by steveklebs, May 30, 2002.

  1. steveklebs

    steveklebs Guest

    Hi everyone,

    I just did a clean install (converting from FAT32 to NTFS).... it now seems my system runs slower and the CPU usages is VERY high.... even at 100% when to progs are open. I did all the updates from microsoft and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions.


  2. Iceman

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    How much ram you got? What programs you loading? How fast is your computer? Need more info.........

    Things you can do to speed it up, buy more ram, defrag often, get rid of useless crap, defrag agian, limit programs in your start up folder to what you really need.
  3. allan

    allan Guest

    You said cpu usage is at 100% - what's eating the cycles?
  4. steveklebs

    steveklebs Guest

    Here is the info.... I just reformated and formated from FAT32 to NTFS .... (things ran well on FAT32)

    512 MB RAM
    1 GHZ Athalon
    40 gig (NTFS)

    Apps running.... AIM, photoshop...

    Now mind you, when I was using FAT32 I was able to have a bunch of progs open (photoshop, AIM, explorer, pagemaker...) with no noticable lag....

    Thanks again,

  5. allan

    allan Guest

    Same question - when you look in Task Manager what is using up the cycles?
  6. steveklebs

    steveklebs Guest

    not exactly sure what the cycles you are refering to are... is it the mem usage under proccesses?
  7. Geffy

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    United Kingdom
    if you look at my task manager, currently System Idle Process is using cycles. about 96%

    Note System Idle Process will return to 0% if you start doing something.

    You might also want to do a Defrag and ScanDisk if you used the Convert FAT32 to NTFS option in the installer.
  8. allan

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    gtgarside -- ?????

    steveklebs - In Task Manager - Processes Tab - under the CPU heading - what is using the cpu cycles (what has the highest percent)? You said the cpu is running at 100% - what makes you say that - where did you see that if not in Taks Manager Processes?
  9. steveklebs

    steveklebs Guest

    thanks everyone... found the problem