NTFS File system corrupt

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Nismo83, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. Nismo83

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    I have an WIN 2k SP4 running on 1 workstation.

    The problem i'm having is

    the NTFS seems to be corrupted. i can boot into windows but i cannot access c:\ not even when i right click the drive to have a look at the properties. It just shows nothing so i suspect the file system is corrupted.

    I have uses WIN2k SP4 CD for recovery process and here's are the things i do.

    I fix MBR, CHKDSK /p, fixboot

    but still the same problem.

    Anyone knows how to solve it? this c:\ has valuable data inside. i can access d:\ no problem at all
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    I wouldn't think you could boot into Windows if your file system was corrupt. To me it sounds more like a rights issue. Are you logging in as a local admin? That really the only thing that springs to mind.
  3. Nismo83

    Nismo83 OSNN AZN Addict

    ^^ tried both local and domain admin and i still cant access c:\

    i would think that too that if the file system is corrupt then it wouldn't able to boot into windows but it does boot into windows.

    anything got to do with mount?

    i've too disconnect all network drive but the problem persists. But using recovery console, i can manage to peep inside c:\winnt\ <files> but not in windows itself.
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    You're not using EFS or anything funky like that are you?
  5. ShepsCrook

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    I'm thinking it's rights. Because if you can't get into the files and it boots, then there doesn't seem to be a corrupt file issue. Are you booting into a guest account?
  6. Nismo83

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    1. i'm not using EFS. Actually, this workstation belongs to a client/officer at a BANK. The problem is that the workstation contain crucial data in C:\... No BACKUP was done by the officer... two thumbs up here!!

    2. btw, if the user manage to use EFS in the c:\ i suppose we (admin | local | domain ) can access to it right? And that guy has administrative rights due to some software unable to work under user right.

    3. Can EFS being use to C:\ partition? I cant view the partition size, disk space used and etc
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  7. Nismo83

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    i got this problem solved.

    Refer to the screenshot

    Apparently someone else uses his PC and set the security settings ( delete all user and they wont be able to access )

    He deleted all the user except himself and that makes it when other user log on to the workstation arent able to see the c:\

    Hope this helps one or two guys of you out there.

    Up my point if this helps.

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