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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Mike69, Jul 15, 2002.

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    Hey ok installed xp again last night and looked fine but now everything is ****** up:( i remember my monitor was installed as acpi or plug and play but now its standardmonitor and my drivers(27.50 for geforce4) that worked before wont workand new one dont work either..cant set the refresh rate anymore and everything goes black when i check the settings for the monitor or nview settings...i was told too press F5 if i want standard monitor and it select acpi monitor by default but havent done that soo have doo i choose acpi mointor or plug and play???There are a couple too choose from but which one doo i pick?Dont know what the **** i am asking for here but something is wrong:(Please help if anyone can
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    If you know the make and model of your monitor, then you should go to and search for drivers. I had the same problem until I went to my monitor's website.