Notepad popups in IE

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Unleashed, Oct 2, 2003.

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    Well i don't use notpad to view source and the program i do use doesn't allow multiple instance's, so it only opens one window for me
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    I use notepad as my source viewer and it still only opens one instance of each file.

    I tried openeing shell32.dll with notepad as the above webpage suggests with 20 instances in a webpage, but it only opens one copy not multiple - demanding about 20 mb of pagefile which is returned when I close the notepad document instead of the 20x20mb.

    Opening multiple different files could cause a problem, but not a single file over multiple instances.

    I am using the default setup of windows xp and internet explorer to test. It seems that notepad will only open one instance no matter how many you try to force with this method.

    Has anyone experienced different?
  4. On the second link there (the test) I get 10 straight off, it was made by someone I know to demonstrate to the doubting Thomas' out there :p