Notebook HDD ?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by zoey, Nov 27, 2003.

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    I have an HP notebook, 1Ghz Duron, It has a 20 gig HDD. It's on it's way out, I went onto Newegg and found Toshiba and Hitachi Hard drives. Are they all compatible, Just like Desktops?
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    make sure there the right size, theres a couple of diffrent heights to conosider, the smaller is always the safe option, some have diffrent ide cables, but 90% of the time in that case, theres a adapter mounted to the drive, it's a case of 1 screw and swop that to the new drive. half the mission is getting into the notebook :) otherwise notebook / laptop drives are compatable with each other. don't go and buy a 3.5" hdd, it just wont go in ;)
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    Theres a chance, try googling about your laptop model and see if other people have tried and managed it
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    For HP, I can't complain about their website. It has pdf manuals with full instructions and what to replace it with(Toshiba or IBM.)
    Thanks for making me check.
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    All laptops use 2.5" hard drives.

    Try to replace the drive with one that has the same amount of drive space. If you get something bigger than the Laptops BIOS can handle then it won't work but if it is the same size it should be ok.