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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Gene27, Jan 4, 2002.

  1. Gene27

    Gene27 Guest

    Heres the deal i have 2 computers connected thru a hub.
    They both are running xp. One computer connects to the
    shared folders with no problems, and the other stops
    responding when i try to connect to it. Whats up ive
    tried everything i can think of. If i map to a shared drive
    or folder on that system i can see it. Otherwise it just
    stops responding when trying to connect thru the regular methods.
  2. Lactic.Acid

    Lactic.Acid Guest

    Give us some real details, please. Networking protocols, IP settings, etc.

    A list to run down:
    IP/subnet set correctly on both machines?
    NetBEUI settings?
    Proper gateway, DNS, etc?
    Can you ping both machines?
    Can you see them both in the network?
    Firewalling software running?
  3. clutch

    clutch Guest

    Also, if using more than one protocol, what are they and what order are they bound in?