Not Powering Down at Shutdown? Look here.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Lonman, Dec 9, 2001.

  1. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    A lot of you are experiencing APM (advanced power management) compatability issues with XP in the form of your systems not powering off at shutdown. If you have this problem, look at this article posted by waddy:

    If this doesn't fix your problem, or the cure is worse then the fix, then you have an ACPI/APM compatility problem, you can start troubleshooting it here:;EN-US;Q242414

    More on APM:;EN-US;Q308535
  2. ZeroChaos

    ZeroChaos Guest

    If it doesn't work after all that, hold down the Power Switch for your computer for 5 seconds. It'll turn off after that.
  3. Lactic.Acid

    Lactic.Acid Guest

    Actually, most all BIOSes take 4 seconds ;)
  4. thecat2000

    thecat2000 Guest

    My system uses ACPI Power Management not APM so it dosen't help me in any case.
  5. tOtEM

    tOtEM Guest

    Go to Control Panel- Power Options/APM and enable it .. now when you shut down .. it shuts down..
  6. thecat2000

    thecat2000 Guest

    Well thats just it ! I don't have a APM Tab ! If I try to add it as new hardware it wont, and has a Red Cross through it in the Device Manager. But My System is supposed to be running on a ACPI System. As I have seen in the Device Manager it listing ACPI Power Management.
  7. mau108

    mau108 Guest

    well sum shutdown problems also persist with Roxio's Direct CD, just install the WIN XP patch in this case and it will fix it..
  8. thecat2000

    thecat2000 Guest

    Funny you mention that, I do have EasyCd Creator 5 and yes I have installed the XP Patch. The system Shutdown ok first time. Then the next time I used my PC and shut it down again it is no restarting again instead !

    Not only this But I cannot even burn CD's it won't read any CDR/W's at all. I think part of that is down to the Writer being Three Years old though ;)

    This I can eventually fix, but not the Shutdown Problem !
  9. mau108

    mau108 Guest

    try uninstalling EZ CD 5 (clear the registry of it if u can)
    den shutdown and see if the problem persists

    and den install it
    and follow the update procedure word for word from the Roxio site because they have changed the procedure for updating under winodws xp bout 5 times since the initial release of the update patch..
    good luck

    oh here is the link for the procedure
  10. thecat2000

    thecat2000 Guest

    Thanks ! :) I'll give that a shot :p