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Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by Marshal, Feb 21, 2002.

  1. Marshal

    Marshal Guest

    Trying to install a new Nvidia GeForce 3 driver. Didn't care about MS warning about the driver not being Digi. Signed, ang pressed continue.
    When I'm done, I get a warning (see picture)
    Any idea anyone???
    btw, I'm using nvidias last driver for XP...
    When I restart the computer, it's in 640*480, and is not using GF3. ( which is disabled in dev. mngr.)
    When I choose to enable GF3, is't using the old XP driver again...
  2. da rock

    da rock Guest

    just a thought,but did you remove your old drvs before you tried
    to load the new ones? to make sure you're not having any drv
    conflicts you might want to try the det.destroyer
    can find it @ .:cool:
  3. allan

    allan Guest

    How are you trying to install it? Using it's own setup.exe or through device mgr (should be the former). And the prior post is correct - make sure you've uninstalled the old drivers first.
  4. Marshal

    Marshal Guest

    Since it worked so nice and easy in winMe I didn't unistall the old drivers.
    I'll try and post an answer later.

    btw som off topic, Crashed my car... well, some idiot didn't stop for me. SO the only driving I do now is in NFS PU:D
  5. Marshal

    Marshal Guest

    Well, tried the destroyer, but got an error.
    Tried to unistall the driver, restartet, and the stupid xp driver installed itself... Tried to add an new hardware, display, but all I can choose from is GeForce..
    So, HOW can I turn of that stupid self fixing driver installer in XP??
    No mather what I do, It finds the new hardware and install that stupid xp driver (12.40 i think)

    Im reaching out with both hands now folks...
  6. Gary Pandher

    Gary Pandher Moderator

    ......try this...

    first uninstall the drivers like you already have
    through the device manager
    and than dont restart
    just go str8 ahead n install the new drivers
    n than restart
    it worked for me...
    it was on this site i think...or maybe a diff one
    hope it works
  7. Marshal

    Marshal Guest

    tried alot in the weekend. Finally, removed the XP nvidia inf files. hehe, no more auto finding.
    Pointed to my new dell geforce driver, when new hardware pops up, but sadly, got the same error.
    Think I have to reinstall my system.. damn.

    thanks alot for all help.
  8. UniSol

    UniSol I'm all ears

    Hence only use the drivers from nvidia disk or site. Leaked are unfinished and unstable which possible fucks up your system.