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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by scriptasylum, Jan 6, 2002.

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    Hello out there,

    Whenever I use WinDoctor (in SysWorks 2002), it always shows that there are 15 ActiveX errors to fix. It's always 15. If i run WinDoctor twice without rebooting in between, the errors won't show up again, it's just when i reboot they appear. These don't seem to harm/help my system...just curious.

    My wife's PC (also with SysWorks2002 and XP) also does this, except there are some things (mainly some game applets in AOL) that wont work until she uses WinDoctor. I don't think it's hardware related since the same 15 ActiveX "problems" show up in both our systems, but here's our hardware just in case:

    My PC:
    Gigabyte 7DX w/ 1.3GHz T-bird Athlon & 256 DDR 2100 RAM
    60Gig IBM & 30 Gig Quantum
    Pioneer DVD & Plextor CDRW (12/10/24)
    Soundblaster Live Value
    Netgear NIC
    Some generic modem (non winmodem, came from "old" gateway pc)

    700 Athlon 1 (slot A, from Gateway) & 196 PC100 RAM
    20Gig Western Dig
    Toshiba (i think) 4/4/24 CDRW
    Soundblaster AWE
    Netgear NIC
    Some generic modem (is a winmodem, came with a compaq pc. Not the same maker as mine)

    In both systems, the only extra things running are Norton Autoprotect, Direct CD, EZCD creator (5.02c).

    Like I said, everything runs great (except the AOL applets thing in my wife's PC), I just wonder why the same errors keep showing up and what they mean. Has anyone else seen this?

    I can attach the actual ActiveX errors WinDoctor finds if it would help, although it'll be later when i get home from work.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Norton 2002

    It is normal for NSW to show the active x controls that needs to be removed or else it would cause problems. Just click O.K. and proceed. I do it all the time and remove whatever it shows after running the Disk Doctor. In fact I run this almost everyday. My XP runs much better and without any problems. The only exception is I prefer Diskeeper 7 which does a better job than NSW 2002.