Norton scanning everything! "mAkE iT sToP"

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by napalmnthemorning, Dec 29, 2003.

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    Hey guys. I've got Systemworks 2004 installed and "every" file I'm downloading or installing I get the Norton icon dropping down telling me its scanning the file. "mAkE iT sToP".. I've checked the settings but didn't see any option to turn this thing off.
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    umm... I uninstalled 2k4 but I believe the option is something like "auto-protect". I wouldn't think scanning downloaded files to be that bad and most programs you install tell you to disable anti-virus anyhoo :p
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    Well i don't use systemworks, but i do use nav2k4 and i can't see any option that displays that it is scanning a file. Theres the auto potect option which does scan all the files but it just sits in the systray and doesn't display anything.. odd
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    The feature your referring to is the compressed file scanning. Compressed file scanning will give a dialog in the bottom corner when a scan is taking some time and the application is waiting for it to complete.

    To disable Auto-Protect compressed file scanning :
    Start NAV. If NAV is installed as part of Norton Internet Security (NIS) or Norton SystemWorks (NSW), then start NIS or NSW.
    Click Options. If you see a menu, click Norton AntiVirus.
    In the right pane, under "Which file types to scan for viruses," click to uncheck "Scan within compressed files."
    Click OK.
    If this does not fix the problem, then re-enable "Scan within compressed files" and continue on to the next section.
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    The topic is "Norton scanning everything!"

    However, the person who posted this does not really have that problem. I do!

    Norton is scanning everything! I mean EVERYTHING! When I am not connected to the internet, and try to write something with wordpad or notepad (for the first time), Norton starts to scan the empty wordpad or notepad!

    A Norton pop-up appears on the bottom right of my screen notifying me that it is scanning and gives me 2 options: "OK" and "Stop Scan".

    These scans take forever and you can imagine how slow and frustrating it is to use my computer.

    When I try to use Google or ANY website, Norton wants to do a complete scan.

    I will not contact Norton because I ended my subscription with the evil scumbags. I am certain they sent something into my computer to cause Norton to scan EVERYTHING. Why? Because I don't want to subscribe to them anymore. Therefore, they want me to delete the Norton I PAID FOR!

    Does anyone know how to stop Norton from scanning EVERYTHING?
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    1) This thread is about 7 years old.. if it's that old, probably better to start a new thread.
    2) If you aren't paying for a subscription, you won't get updates making your scanner fairly useless anyway so why not uninstall?