Norton LiveUpdate problems?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by MorbidDK, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. MorbidDK

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    Ever since I have installed XP I have been having problems updating my Norton programs via the LiveUpdate feature. The virus definitions get updated without any problems, however programs such as Norton AntiVirus, Norton Speed Disk and Norton Utilities programs which are part of SystemWorks fail to install and the detail on the error are very limiting. I have checked Norton/Symantec's site regarding this issue and the only mentions to LiveUpdate failing in these programs appear to be due to an 'upgraded version of the software' rather than a clean install. And/or a pre-release/beta version of Norton SystemWorks which is incompatible with updates since February 15th. Neither of these apply to me as I did a clean install of Windows XP which forced a clean install of Norton SystemWorks 2002. The pre-release/beta issue doesn't apply to me as the pre-release versions of the programs are versions less than Seeing how all the binaries I have for Norton are version that concludes that my version is the current version.

    If anyone care's to attempt to help me out with this issue it would be greatly appreciated. I have screen shots of my problem up on my site here.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. allan

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    Some people have this problem, some don't. Just keep trying and eventually you will probably be able to get everything installed (except perhaps Clean Sweep)
  3. MorbidDK

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    As much as I would like to believe 'just keep trying and it'll install' I fail to believe it as I have does LiveUpdate quite a few times, I would say over 10 - 15 since I installed it and the updates have never worked for the programs.
  4. Perris Calderon

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    I've stopped having norton update problems ever since I downloaded avg...uses less resources, finds more viruses, super fast updates, and oh, just a small thing, it's the point that if this cost more then norton, I'd still have it
  5. Geffy

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    I had problems updating Norton over a network with a proxyserver, not sure if this is the same problem I could also not get Windows Update to work, I turned on HTTP 1.1 over Proxy connections and everything is now working properly, can do liveupdate and windows update over the network now. Hope this helps some people.
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    First of all - I was not aware that ONLY the antivirus was automatically updated - I thought the entire Live Update deal was run. So once again I learned something from this outstanding forum! Thanx!

    Anyway - I don't have enuf experience to understand all this clean boot stuff - however: I bought a new puter with XP installed over a month ago! I had System Works 2002 (bought commerically) on my old Compaq - so I installed it on my new puter - whatever that type of install is called!

    As you stated, I also have been receivng automatic updates to my NAV 2002.

    I tried the Live Updates (the manual way - as I was used to doing with Systemworks 2000) and I got an update for LIVE REG, LIVEUPDATE & NAV 2002) I went ahead and downloaded the updates, they downloaded, installed and I rebooted and went back and tried Live Update again (to make sure I recevied all the updates the first time through) and I was informed I was current and no more existed!

    I guess this is not much help to you - but it did all work as I expected it to - from past experience with Norton's Live Update!

    Don't know what else to try to help you out! Sorry!
  7. MorbidDK

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    well, as previously stated by allan, some people have the problem, some don't. My roomate also uses Norton Systemworks 2002 and he has no problems with his version at all. I think I am going to be reinstalling XP anyways because I have some other weird quirks that I want to get straightened out such as WinDoctor doesn't work at all complaining that there is a service stopped even after turning all services on.

    dealer: Main reason I use Norton rather than something else is the functionality of some of the tools within Norton Utilities and Clean Sweep, mostly. I may try your avg for my anti-virus however.