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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by brocher, Nov 16, 2002.

  1. brocher

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    I have installed NIS 2003. I am having a problem with it, i selected an email scan on all incoming messages but not outgoing. But the damned program keeps scanning the outgoing and not the incoming no matter what i configure it to.Anyone else got this problem. I had NAV 2002 and NPFwall 2002 installed previously.
  2. Burpster

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    NIS doesnt scan email???

    i run NAV 2003 Pro and Norton Personal Firewall......NAV scans my email both ways...its only on the way out that it shows the little dialog box ....but its scanning incoming also
  3. Mubbers

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    Yeah - R U sure it's not NAV that's doing the scanning as on my NIS/NAV installation it's only NAV that scans e-mail.

  4. damnyank

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    My NAV 2002 scans emails - both going and coming and shows a little spyglass type icon in the system tray when it is scanning incoming mail.

    BTW - NAV will not scan Hotmail (HTTP) it only scans POP3 accounts.
  5. brocher

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    Ok, so i got it wrong. But NAV 2003 is part of NIS 2003. And i can select incoming and outgoing. but even if i am sending something and not receiving something it still scans it. I dont want this to be taken the wrong way but why should i scan outgoing mails when NAV should have picked it up on the way into my pc?
  6. madmatt

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    You should scan out going emails anyway. If you turn this option off and you get infected by means of Internet downloads, etc. then you will spread the virus on to others.