Norton Ghost 2002 error/bug ?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ScIveRXP, Dec 27, 2001.

  1. ScIveRXP

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    well i recently installed XP on my fathers new pc - got a nice clean install - so I thought I make a nice clean image to be able to save the installation if the shit hits the fan..
    Well all was going well - got into 'dos' using either the disk that you can make using Ghost or using a win98 bootdisk.. no probs there - but then I tried to make an image with high/fast compression and then the problems started..

    I got errors on sectors - and ghost was very slow - I thought that the Ghost 2002 version was XP compatible but I heard from a friend that he had the same problem aswell with XP + Ghost..

    Does anyone know IF there is a fix/workaround for this - because I dont fancy making an uncompressed image all the time - which I will have to compress manualy afterwards...

    Hope anyone can help me !! - thnx in advance

  2. waddy

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    Hmm i havent heard of that myself, i use PowerQuest Drive Image ....

    Sounds like pain in the but , if it does that....

    You should report that to Norton , so they know its a bug to fix/patch.....
  3. Romeo26222

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    hi m8
    I have norton ghost 2002 and it working on winxp and i make images to my system and restored it in just 5 minutes
    try to check you hard drive for must have some:eek:
  4. MdSalih

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    use powerquest To make the partition and Norton Ghost 2k2 to make the ghost that should work... If it doesn't then use Ghost 2k2 to make an img and store it on the same HDD and then burn it onto CD... (should be small enough if you haven't installed any apps yet)

  5. ScIveRXP

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    maybe I should try that - save it on the same hdd..
    I was now saving it on another partition..

    hope that works..
    the strange thing is - - at home ghost works fine..