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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by u_diddy, Jun 21, 2002.

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    anyone have any ideas about why my firewall picks up all kinds of activity (scans, attacks etc) for the first few weeks and then doesnt do anything? i havent had an alert in months and question whether or not its doing anything at all. if i re-install it, it will alert me every 5 minutes that my isp is scanning me but after awhile, it will cease to report that, or any other type of activity. just wondering if it learns to not bother me and doesnt bother to even tell me of any kind of intrusions or if i dont have it set up properly. im not talking about outgoing traffic, im talking about incoming activity. Thanks
    P.S. im not doing anything illegal, just curious about what is going on (or in my case, what isnt going on).
  2. Did you authorize the firewall to allow this activity? If so, then Norton will automatically revert back to the decision you made when it first prompted you. If you would like to keep recieving prompts,, then when it alerts you, allow it or deny the request, but leave the Remember this Action button unchecked. Norton is still protecting you, but its just trying to not pester you with the same authorization requests every minute. Hope this helps!
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    I got one even weirder than that. I use the NPF but as a kick i tried and installed the Sygate PF and disabled NPF, after that I opened my IE and the favorites disappeared. Im like WTF?!? so anyway i go back to NPF and all my favorites are there, i have no idea why that is but for a moment i thought i lost all my "non-backedup" links. It scared me enough to copy all my links in case one day it does go down. I agree though, i hardly get any port scans anymore with NPF and before NPF, I had ZoneAlarm PRO and would get port scanned every 2 mins it seemed.