Norton Antivirus 2002 and XP: Problem

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Akash, Feb 22, 2002.

  1. Akash

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    Never had this problem before however, i noticed it first on my moms machine. Taking no notice of it, i got a new hd for myself and obviously reinstalled.
    the same problem on my moms machine (also on XP) has occured on mine.

    I installed Nav2002, its fine.
    Do a liveupdate for definitions, and after reboot, thats the end of most of norton.
    It brings up an error msg, and disables email scanning.

    The error msg reads:

    The procedure entry point ?SRStopRedirect@@YAKK@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library symredir.dll.

    Any ideas?
  2. waddy

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  3. Akash

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    nope wasnt that
    followed the instructions clearly,
    the system doesnt have files called update.exe update.vbs
    nor does it have the registry key

    thing is if i reinstall nav its fine so it cant be a virus

    what i'll do is ive just reinstalled it, i am now gonna liveupdate but not select the symantec redirector.
  4. Akash

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    yup its fine now

    something to do with that system redirector

    ah well thats one sorted, still the norton utils to fix
    (which is on another post so i wont go on in here)