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  1. I have 2 Hds on my computer a C drive 20 gigs which has windows and a D Drive that is 40 and has all my stuff. Well I reformatted my computer and now my d shows up in device mangaer all fine and all but it doesn't show up in My Computer. Anyone know why. I ran the diagnostics from a disk and it reported no errors. I have it formatted with NTFS and its never done this before. If anyone knows how to fix this tell me cuase I really don't want to lose all the things i have on the drive. And yes I do back up monthly I have been on vacation so I haven't had the time to now.
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    Somebody correct me if i'm wrong, but both HDD must be the same file system if not you won't be able to see other HDD. So you'll have to change your D to a NTFS or reformat your C to Fat32. To switch from Fat to NTFS, i know there's an utility somewhere in XP but i can't find it....

    Someone else gonna have to answer this one! :)
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    its been answered