Non Printing XP after new reinstall

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dickow, Feb 12, 2002.

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    Now I'm about at my wit's end trying to figure out why my XP
    reinstall (after first XP install got sick and died totally) I can't print anything. Nada. The printer queue eventually reports an 'out of paper' condition.

    However, the other side (Win98) of my dual boot system prints great, so it's not cables or hardware.

    I have an add-on parallel port card. The mobo's integrated printer port has to be dedicated to my MOTU Midi interface. The dual boot has exactly the same config, and works fine. To make matters more odd, my previous XP setup worked fine. I didn't change anything.

    Even so, if I kill the MIDI and remove the add on card totally, and uninstall all the printer ports and then reinstall, I still can't print anything. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and tried every IO address range, port number, and IRQ, that I am about ready to throw this machine out into the garage.

    The Microsoft support site does have items concerning print failure after upgrade installs, but I reformatted and installed my XP from scratch. Besides, I tried all the suggested fixes.

    This is nuts. One teeny clue... there is an ISAPNP device stuck in the LPTX IO range, so often I can't apply addresses in 0278, and in some cases my setups had to be LPT1 and LPT3, because the ISAPNP was taking up the other port IO address space. Anyway, I did manage to move things around so that I got an LPT1 and an LPT2 without conflicts. I think. All the devices now report that they are working correctly and have no conflicts, but they won't print.

    :mad: :mad: :mad:
  2. felix.sf

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    me too


    I have the same problem but not only with Windows XP, also with Windows 2000.
    I presumed that the printer might be the problem, I thought it might be too old for these new OS, i have a HP DeskJet 510.
    Under Win 98 the printer works fine, but rebooting for just printing a single document is annoying.

    Perhaps anybody knows how to change the situation

    Thank you

  3. dickow

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    Ok, I fixed the problem. It was a very complex fix. After spending 2-1/2 hours on the phone with Microsoft Tech Support, and they couldn't figure it out either, I took a deep breath and started really deep hacking.

    I couldn't load my extra printer port card because it was conflicting with ISAPNP at the same I/O addresses. I forced the card to initialize the same conflicting addresses, rebooted, and Voila, the ISAPNP reconfigured around it. Then I reinstalled all the printer and MIDI drivers for my MOTU MIDI. The MOTU was part of the problem too, since it's drivers were, under the device conditions at the time, prevented the printout of any data from either printer port. Dunno why.


    Bob Dickow