No Safe Mode - Boot Magic loads first!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by geoand, Apr 29, 2002.

  1. geoand

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    Can anybody help? I'm sure there's a dead simple answer, but I'm stuck here. I want to boot into 'Safe Mode' but don't know how - using the usual F8 key at start-up doesn't work!

    I'm dual-booting with '98se + XP using BootMagic 7 - the BootMagic window is obviously the 1st thing to load so I've not got the option of selecting F8 for Safe Mode. Any ideas welcome. (I can select the XP o/s Safe Mode ok but it's the Win'98e I want to select!)

  2. Bytes Back

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    You have to press F8 after you've chosen win98 from boot magic
  3. geoand

    geoand Guest


    I've tried that - didn't work. It looks like I've gone right past the Safe Mode option by that time, it just boots into 98se & will make beeping noises when pressing F8 during this loading up period.

    Any other ideas? Ta.
  4. phatphunky

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    True, however, press and hold the F8 key before you select the OS to load.
  5. RiGGs

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    I've had the same problem. The easy way is to hold down the shift key before and while your OS loads up.
  6. geoand

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    Still no joy !!

    Thanks folks,

    However, none of your answers solved it! Holding the 'Shift' key doesn't work either. I've done a bit of checking on both OS and neither has a Boot.ini file - is this possible? If so, could this be my problem & should I create one? (I wouldn't know where to start, I'm afraid.)

    When I originally made my system dual-boot, I made the mistake of making the XP o/s (C Drive XP) the default as I thought I was going to use XP's built in Boot Manager. Since I had a blank screen, I used my Partition Magic Rescue Disks to alter the default C drive as Win.'98 & then loaded Boot Magic on here. (ie, C Drive Win'98e).

    Now when I boot into XP from the startup Boot Magic selection, I then get the XP boot manager - it identifies my options as XP and "Unknown Operating System on C Drive". Ok, I know this isn't correct but its been working ok for months, but I've never needed to use 'Safe Mode' in Win.'98 until now.

    In Win XP System => Advanced => Startup and Recovery => System startup => Default operating system =>

    Drop down list reads:

    "Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect
    "Unidentified operating system on drive C."

    Hopefully this makes sense to somebody else, I'm really stuck now.

  7. Waldo

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    I know it's a little late to help you but I boot 98 and XP with Boot Magic and I enable the boot menu in 98 TweakUI so I always have the safe mode option.
  8. geoand

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    Thanks Waldo,

    Why is it too late? Can't I load '98 TweakUI and fix it from there - I can access '98 ok, would that not work now?

  9. RobbieSan

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    Boot magic is a problem here.. it would have been much better to use XP's boot manager.. I have both Me and XP on my machine and by using XP's boot manage I have no problems with accessing safe mode of either system..
  10. Waldo

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    Yes, if you can access 98 you can enable the boot menu in TweakUI or install TweakUI and enable it. You will then get several options including safe mode.
  11. Waldo

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    Forgot to mention - Just go to the boot tab in TweakUI and check the box for "Always show boot menu".
  12. geoand

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    Yeah, I wish I'd used the XP Boot Manager but I panicked when faced with a blank screen, Boot Magic was all I could think of - I didn't want to lose my Win.'98 + data.


    Since I'm obviously stuck with Boot Magic, I'll try loading the '98 TweakUI - I'll report back either way. (unless I lose *all* access, I'll be busy then!) Thanks, that sounds like it should work.
  13. geoand

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    Thanks Waldo.

    Great! Well done Waldo, I loaded TweakUI and did as you suggested - now get the Safe Mode option in '98 again.

    I should've guessed this since I've just loaded the newest version of XP TweakUI on the other o/s. I assume you've got it, [released 23rd April 2002] - it's at:-

    Thanks again,

    George;) ;)
  14. Waldo

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    Geoand - Glad it worked. Yes, I got the new XP Powertoys but not sure yet what the differences are.