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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Pin, Jul 11, 2002.

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    One of my office Win98 pc is networked and then connection to the internet using ADSL.

    A problem showed up. The JPEG files from the internet wont show up. The text and GIF show up fast.

    Few days ago everything was fine.

    Under Internet Options->Advanced, the "show picture" feature is on already.

    Have i missed out anything? Other PCs are fine.

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    Does your ADSL connect at the same speed all the time? If not, this is your problem. Windows XP tries to adjust to your line speeds by adjusting your RWIN for optimum performance. Try adjusting your RWIN to see if it helps.
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    This problematic PC (Pentium 200MHz) is running on Win98. And the one connected to the ADSL modem is on WinME (Pentium3 933MHz). The throughput is constant. The text webpages opened within, the connection speed shouldnt be the problem.

    The little logo under your nick cant even be displayed either.