NIC vs. Ethernet Network ADAPTER

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by bmxjt, Nov 4, 2002.

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    Ok, this may be a stupid question. Up until now I always assumed a NIC card and an Ethernet Network Adapter were the same things. Are they not? I am trying to setup a home network. The main PC is XP and the other is win98. I am connecting with the Cat5 corssover cable.

    Now, the problem I am having is on the XP machine first. My Realtek NIC card connects to the modem and everything is fine and dandy as far as getting onto the internet. I switched it and plugged the modem into the SMC EZ Network Interface Card and it doesnt work correctly. I set the TCP/IP setting to automatically receive IP address as I am supposed to and it just keeps giving itself some IP such as or something like that.

    This is why I am wondering if these two cards are actually NOT the same thing. And if so, thats fine. I just want to know this so that I know the SMC card is F'd-up or anything.
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    It sounds like the SMC EZ card cannot see the DHCP server so windows is giving it an APIPA (automatic Private IP addressing) address. First I would try asigning it an IP manually. If it still cannot
    see the other comp try another cable.
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    ok, i tried assigning IPs and that didnt seem to help. The cable worked a couple days ago. Would it maybe be a different cable than the crossover cable?
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    Yep the avatar is GTA3. Sorry it so hard to make out, but it was all I could do to get a 2 meg file down to under 52k.;) Now back to the question

    first try pinging your loopback address


    if that works then try pinging your other computer/modems IP
    If neither works its probably your NIC card, but if your loopback address works it may just be the cable.
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    I did all the pinging and it seemed to ping internally. So then I decided to just break down and try XP's Network wizard and what do you know. It corrected it all for me. Thanks for the help tho!
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    Glad you got it fixed.
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    Just so you know, when you are using a cross over cable with no hub in the system then it is likely that neither computer is set to being a DHCP server.

    The easiest way to get them talking is to use an IP like

    If you had two machines you could use on one on the other

    Then all you need to do is specify the same workgroup for both.