Nhl 2003

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Lizario, Oct 21, 2002.

  1. Lizario

    Lizario Guest

    I just woder if the nhl 2003 is so good as they say....
    I can`t wait when i could play it......

    Live is to short play more
    Play nhl 2003
  2. PC-Dude

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    I have it for the PC and it's awesome, however it is much more difficult than the previous years. Totally different control feel, players react much more life like. Graphics are excellent too.

    Only thing I don't like about it is that Injuries are too many, seems like every game someone was out. Even if you have the slider on setting 1. I'm sure it will be addressed in the first patch.

    Having been a huge EA Sports NHL Series fan and having bought every one since 1997, I give it a 9/10. ;)
  3. the game is great :) about injuries i dont know, i alway set it to full and i only have injuries from time to time, once however i was playing multyplayer game with a friend and i took out about 4 of his players in 1 game :) lol that was fun
  4. LiquidMorph

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    in my opinion that game is almost the same since... lets say.. ever? anyway I've enjoyed nhl 2k2 better than 2k3 'cause it had much more action on it... no dull injuries, much more BIG hits, that kudos-type bonuses... etc, etc..
  5. Lizario

    Lizario Guest

    I can`t wait to play nhl 2k3
    I think it`s better than ever.Nhl 2k2 was very great....
  6. existenz

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    NHL2k3 is pretty good. But I hate the layout of the menus now. It's very hard to navigate and why devote one whole side of the screen for online play :rolleyes:

    However, the graphics are good and the gameplay is much more real now.
  7. you right, now that u mention it, it is hard to navigate there.
  8. Lizario

    Lizario Guest

    does anybody know what the nhl 2k3 wants.What kind of computer.....
  9. i'm not at home so cant see req file. but try looking at ea.com find that game and they should post requirements there.