NFS:Underground Problems :/

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Standard, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. Standard

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    So yes, I've beaten NFS on hard, and I need some HD space. But the problem is, the uninstall will not run :confused:

    I've tried running it from the dos prompt, as well as going to the add/remove programs, and the install isn't even in their.

    Im quite oblivious as to what I should do.

    any help is mucho appreciated

  2. scriptasylum

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    Well, you could check to see if there is some type of install log in the game directory. Then, undo what the installation did. Typically, it's just a matter of deleting the game directory and undoing any registry entries.

    If there isn't an install log, just delete the game directory. Then, you could use a reg cleaner and delete the entries that deal with the game, if any. If you're just worried about hdd space, I'd just delete the files.
  3. Dogfighter

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    I use program called reg cleaner. It has an uninstall menu and will usually get rig of things that windows cant. You can get it here. Click on the box with a little red arrow.
    I have used the to clean my Reg for years without any probs also.
  4. forcer

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    you could simply do it all manually...

    delete the saved game folder from /Application Data
    delete the program files
    go to regedit and so a search for need for speed or ea games... and just delete every need for speed registry key it finds.
  5. Standard

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    thanks for the help guys, i uninstalled it manually and used registry cleaner