Newby question on NVIDIA Geforce G2 MX

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by GolferMike, Dec 16, 2001.

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    Sorry if this has been covered before... I just bought a new computer (Pentium 4 1.8) that came with Windows ME....I installed XP and I got two messages, one about the DVD driver (which I have downloaded), and the other about needing a new driver for my NVIDIA GeForce G2 Mx/Mx 400 card.....will the Nvidia 23.11 work with my card? I checked for some info on the Nvidia site and it wasn't very clear. I sure could use an assistance offered.

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    Yes! The 23.11 driver will work with your Geforce2, although I think Nvidia havereverted to 21.83

    Nvidia have a great system where they release a single unified driver for all of their graphics cards.
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    I didn't have problems with it on my MX when I had it installed.
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    Nice new 23.11 work great with my GF2 MX.