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    1. I bought Trillian Pro I want to know dose Trillian Pro let you put in your own Email sounds for Yahoo and Hotmail when email comes in There's an event called "Mail: New Mail".. Preferences -> General -> Events -> Advanced -> Mail: New Mail -> Edit -> Sound Events -> Use local file -> specify the filename you want. When I select certain sounds? in my local file I want it to go on my Yahoo and Hotmail Email acvounts or is the event called "Mail: New Mail" for pop3 only could you tell me where I could put Sound Events on Yahoo and Hotmail 2.Everytime I logon to Trillian 1.0 msn box comes up saying You are running a version messengar that requries an immediate security update Please visit to complete the update could I get rid of this box from come up ? 3.I want to know when I logon to DSL will Trillian Pro startup automadically without clicking on manually to the program and appear on my desktop 4. I want to know dose Trillian Pro show you the time and Date and who the email is from I want to make it East coast Time on MSN YAHOO and email when email comes in which plugin could I use Thanks
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    Go to the member control panel and grab Trillian Pro 2, has the odd bug but alot more features/