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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Hoyd, Jul 22, 2002.

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    I too am having a problem with lowered volume after installing the new Soundblaster drivers - I read the other post and didn't see an answer, plus, I'm having some other issues.

    I have audio from my All-in-Wonder card running into the Line-In on my Soundblaster. The volume no longer works from within the TV tuner software - the only way I can adjust the volume of the TV is by adjusting the master volume, or the Line In volume in the Volume Controls.

    Also, whenever another application plays a sound file - such as Winamp or messenger, the volume for Line In and Microphone jumps to max. This is annoying when watching TV and someone signs into messenger as the volume on the TV jumps to max.

    If anyone else is having similar problems or has any suggestions, let me know. I've tried reinstalling both the Soundblaster drivers and the ATI software, but nothing changed.

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    Sound blaster drivers

    I'm having the same problem with my new
    aver media tuner card and my Audigy.
    Had a similar situation when i still
    had my old Haupauge card in but not as
    severe, also I get a lot of pops and
    noise on occasion out of this card
    I'd like to know if any one else out there has similar
    difficulties and or has any workarounds

    Athlon xp1900
    msi k7t turbo2
    1024 sdram
    wd 100gig
    wd 30 gig
    GForce 2 Ultra
  3. Bman

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    Ottawa, Ontario
    Nope never heard that before, just try to reinstall all the drivers for the card !
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    Man you guys are morons.

    When you install the new SB drivers, they set the volume bar to medium. All you would have to do is drag it back up.

    Go to Control Panel -> Sound -> Volume -> Advanced and just drag all of them to the top.

    You can go ahead and install the driver Microsoft offers on Windows Update which is the 2602, but that one crackles and pretty much sucks. Honestly though, if you couldn't figure out that all you had to do was drag the volume bar to the top, maybe you aren't fit to use Windows. Maybe you need a Mac with a priceless on-board audio chip.

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    Hey A$$HOLE Andre,

    no one wants flamers here. u got an attitude go use another forum. this forum is for helpnig people from new computer users to advanced computer users. DONT make fun of people or ull get banned
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    Plus, that wasn't my problem at all. My biggest problem is that the volume on my Line In keeps jumping to the top - so I do know how to use Windows and I do know how to adjust the volume the normal way. I wouldn't have written in here if that was the only problem.

    There is something about playing a sound file that makes the Volume on Line In go to the max. If I have the volume controls open, I can actually watch it do this simply by starting Winamp and watching the volume jump up. If anyone else has installed the new drivers, maybe you haven't noticed this if you don't use your Line In - but would you be willing to check it for me and see where your Volume on the Line In is. Then move it down, and then play another sound and let me know if it jumps up.

    Hopefully this will let me know if it is a problem with my soundcard itself, or some other weird sound problem right in Windows.

    Thanks again to anyone who can try and help.

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    Andre has "making new friends" issues:D
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    I dont think myself a moron
    sorry that andre does, but then again I was building
    PCs when andre was a wee lad. I was simply commiserating with hoyd as I have the same trouble with the line in volume when my tuner card is active and am looking fo a fix not a personal problem

    Athlon xp1900
    msi k7t turbo2
    1024 sdram
    wd 100gig
    wd 30 gig
    GForce 2 Ultra
  9. john30uk

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    This asswell as the main volume slider has a dramatic effect on volume,it will be arround 50% when installed.
  10. joshuajme

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    I can't help you with the volume, but I'm sure I read that crackles and hisses on sound cards can be due to the sound card being too close to the graphics car. Although they can still be caused by a million other things. Also, if you want to disable the msn messenger sign in beep that can be done. I know it aint a solution but it wil stop the loud beep annoying you.

    Turn off system beeps
    If those beeps annoy you there is a way to turn them off
    Start Regedit.
    Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Control Panel > Sound
    Once there, locate Beep on the list on the right.
    Right click on it and select Modify
    Change the value equal to no
    Reboot your computer and the beeps will be gone!
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    Hey Annihilatus,

    You sure are one pompous trolling jackass. I bet almost everyone adjusted their volume control settings right away. The lowered volume that some of us are experiencing has nothing to do with moving the sliders up. Guess your obviously tiny mind can't accept the fact that there may be changes with the new SB drivers that result in differences from the older drivers.

    The speculation on the Creative News Server SBLive newsgroup is that the old drivers were amped too high and there were complaints of speakers blowing out so the new drivers are actually at the proper lower levels.

    Nothing wrong with reminding everyone to check the basics first..but your overly simple solution with your crass answer shows that your handle shouldn't be ANnilhilatUS..but shortened to the more accurate name -----> Anus.
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    Regarding the crackling or popping noise, if you have a VIA chipset and the VT82C686B chip on the mb itself with a combination of a Soundblaster Live! and newer cards (5.1 and newer). More info can be found here:
    This is commonly called the PCI Latency error or VIA 686B Southbridge Data Corruption.

    There is a fix, however, it is not supported by Via. They do acknowledge that there is a problem with the chip itself. The Fix can be downloaded here:

    Besure to read all of the documents and go from there. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. However, if this is not your problem... I apologize, but hopefully this will help others. it did for me and no more crackling or popping, plus my performance was boosted:)