New Radiohead Album Coming Oct. 10 -- You Choose the Price!!!

Discussion in 'Entertainment & Sports' started by muzikool, Oct 1, 2007.

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    Radiohead shocked fans and the recording industry yesterday by announcing on their website the release of a new album, In Rainbows, on October 10th -- that's next week! The real shocker of it all is that they are doing this without a record label, and that they are letting fans choose the price for the digital download. So, it looks like you can get the new album for free if you want! Gotta love that "screw you" attitude toward the recording industry. :D

    Here's a great piece from a Time article:
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    ****ing ace! :D

    Not really that big into Radiohead (although I'll probably end up checking the album out) - but this is going to force the music industry to wake up and change their antiquated business model. I hope :ermm:
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    wow... those are sweet news... best move since xtc's strike :]
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    Hey if big popular and powerful bands/artists can spend thousands upon thousands if not millions on building their own recording studios and such, and with the savvy of many of these professionals they could easily record, produce and distribute their own albums over the net. Imagine all the wasted money on recording company execs and middleman distributors they get rid of and all that goes into the bands/artists pocket(s). Imagine going to your favorite band's or artist's site and buying directly from them. And if they let you piece meal it also (get only the songs you want), great. They could have servers like online gaming sites and such.