new pentium4 and my old ddr

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by wyrlwyn, Nov 26, 2002.

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    as you can see from below, i have two sticks of pc2100 ddr and am about to switch to a pentium 4. what would be the best and cheepest upgrade(rdram is out, i still have to by christmas presents for 8 people plus a girl friend). i would like to stay with my ddr ram i curently have, but my system right now isn't giving "adiquite" proformance... whats a good mobo and or chipset to use?
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    lol be thankful you have 512MB of RAM :p... look at minem i have 128 MB RIMM RAM.. and it is slugging along like a snail. Im thinking about getting a completely new motherboard and sticking on my P4 1.3Ghz processor. I was considering on getting DDR RAM Slots but im not sure which to get either SD RAM and DDR RAM.. i know DDR RAM is better than SD RAM.. but SD RAM is cheaper... i think you should get another stick of DDR RAM.. i would say about 256MB.. to get you goin then another 256MB DDR RAM when you have the money again.. (just an idea for you) :). although im new to DDR RAM.. :p but i like the speed of it (2.1GB a second)
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    yah, but i'm talking about a new mobo here, the 2 sticks 256 aren't even being used to there full capacity. will sitting on the desktop, my system chugs along at 138mb used out of 512mb... it only gets used durring music ripping or quake... but i just got ut, and 50fps isn't playable for me, i now that being picky, but, hay, its cool! so, what would be a good(upgradable) chipset to switch to for a 2.53ghz p4?