New motherboard, question!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Flatbeat_Eddy, Apr 20, 2003.

  1. Just recieved all the parts to build my new system, but i will be using my old Hardrive with windows installed etc.

    Will i HAVE to reinstall windows when transfering my drive over to a new mobo? Or will it work ok?

    MOBO in question is Nforce 2 Asus board.
  2. Goatman

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    It's a good idea to format and re-install, XP doesn't like changing mobos very much anyway, you'll probably have to re-install.
  3. then ill have trouble, since i only have an Upgrade Home edition of XP and an OEM winME from HP.

    all i want to know, will i HAVE to reinstall or can i work around.
  4. Teddy

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    You wont HAVE to reinstall at at all. The worst that will happen is that you'll need to reactivate your copy of XP.
  5. Oh, i had to do that once before, when i changed my GFX card i had to phone up M$ to reactivate (the *******s)
  6. do a fresh install from the home CD ....... put it in and boot to it.
    after it will ask for a previous version of windows........ put in Me disk, it checks, after will ask to replace home CD and go on its way with format and setup .............:happy:
  7. I cant, the ME disk is a Recovery disk from HP so it dont work.

    thats why i cant do a Fresh install, I can HOWEVER Fresh install over the current HOME xp if it works when i boot up again.

    HP suck ass!:p
  8. Zedric

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    A repair installation form the XP CD should do it as well. Provided you can do that with the upgrade CD.
  9. Taurus

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    you failed to mention what ype of motherboard you have now. that can make a difference whether you'll be able to boot into windows or not with the nforce2.

    i once swapped out my kt133 mobo and put in an nforce2 and thought i'd try to get into windows before i reformatted. it wouldn't. just a bsod.

    besides, you'll always want to reformat after a motherboard change in order to get the most performance out of it.
  10. yoyo

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    You can do a repair install with an upgrade cd.
    You can also do a fresh install and you very likely won't need a cd of a previous version. Boot to the cd, the upgrade cd will search for a previous version of Windows and will detect your installation of XP on your harddrive. You can then go on and format the drive and install XP.
  11. Oh didnt think about that, so it would DETECT the the Previous Installation OF XP on the harddrive and allow a fresh install?
  12. yoyo

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    Exactly. I am using an upgrade cd myself and it never asked for a previous version cd. It always detected the XP installation on the harddrive.