new maxtor 120 not detecting right

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by canadian_divx, Apr 5, 2004.

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    ok OSNNr's here is a wierd one for yea. i got an ECS K7S5A here with an amb 1800 512ddr 333 ram and a 40gb main drive nad a new maxtor 133 120gb drive. when put on the primary channel you cant see the new drive as a 120, only as an 8 in windows, device manager does not even show 2 drives tho. but u can put data on it from my computer. also the bios only sees one drive as a 127gb drive and there are to be 2 drives a 40gb and a 120gb, i cant figure this out and there is NOT RAID on this board nor nothing like it.

    here is a link to the board
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    If the drive is new, you'll need to run FDisk in DOS to create a primary/logical drive. After that, you'll need to format the drive.

    This happens with most new HD's.
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    I'm surprised. My ECS K7S5A saw both my 120 gig WD fine. It's the system I install and torture test new hardware on before installing in the gaming machine. Though I never partition and format the entire drive as one section.

    Do you have the latest bios installed in the MB?

    And are you running 2000 or XP on it?
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    it is running XP FCKGW so i cant update it and i am not reinstalling it for this dude, but just but i dont understand how a partition can affect the bios????? the bios does not care waht partition it is it just reads teh ID chip but i will try it tomorow when i am there
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    ok i got it to detect proper in teh bios by putting it on the slave setting but now windows reports a blue screen of Porcess1 insilization failure. i cant find any info on that can someone help