New IDE hard drive problem

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by mac1, Nov 17, 2010.

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    Hi all
    I mistakingly bought a new ide 160gb h/drive for a acer travelmate 4060 (model no 4060 LMi), then i found out it can only see a 100gb ide drive. If i partitioned the drive into 2 partitions would this work, there again its still a 100gb drive. is there any way i can get it to see the new drive as seemingly a bios update wont work but i haven't tried that yet.

    i have already formated it to ntfs.

    any ideas or am i stuffed :)

    ps: i did ask this in another forum but it seems nobody has a clue there. :laugh:
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    Generally I thought the BIOS limit on older systems was about 120GB but be that as it may.

    You can see if there is a BIOS update that enables it to see beyond the limit or if you got software with the drive there might something there that you can install that will allow you to use the drive beyond the BIOS limitation.

    Me personally I would not worry about it and use the drive as the computer sees it, as its less headaches then trying to find a way to use it closer its capacity
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    Generally you increase the sector size when formatting to access larger drives that are bios limited. WD had an add in that allowed use of larger drives on systems that just would not support larger sector sizes. Not sure if Seagate did the same.

    Look at reformatting with larger than the default sector size (look under advanced) and use the drive manufacturers tools instead of DOS or Windows format.

    Check the drive manufacturers website for instrucitons.