new hhd problems....bad

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by shokpin, Feb 14, 2002.

  1. shokpin

    shokpin OSNN Junior Addict

    ok, been the day from hell
    new hhd arrives thought it'd make me happy
    new WD Caviar 60gig, old WD Caviar 8gig
    1.2 Athlon
    Abit KT7A-R board
    256 ram
    Gef3 (leadtek)

    i install new hhd
    ghost old hhd over to new hhd
    remove old hhd
    boot new hhd
    login problems
    remove new, enter old
    old burns up.....WHRRRRR then *down*
    so im stuck with a burnt up hhd and a hhd that i cant get into
    ive tried booting to winxp cd to fix new hhd xp login probs....been unable to boot to it

    Administrator account doesnt work
    my account, logs to a grey screen, like a desktop, but then stalls out
    in safe mode my account loads, logs out, saves, back to login all in like 3 secs

    im off to get that XP cd to boot.....any advices?
    please help me, AAAAAAAh implosion is highly likely
  2. duder

    duder Guest

    you better get the cd to boot
  3. pc_tek

    pc_tek Guest Atleast you have plenty of space. What version of ghost you using? Im wondering if ghost has a flaw for XP. I have read another post in here that they said ghost image gave them login probs. I use ghost myself.. a free dos version that comes with motherboards and i have had no probs with XP, i just cant run it in windows like i could 9x.

    Anyways, try to reimage... if that doesnt work, hopefully your hard drive has multiple partitions so you can move everything over so you dont lose everything and do a fresh install.

    if you do get a disk, hopefully it will repair it and all of this will be void. :D

    If your drive isnt partitioned let me know, i have a floppy version (1 disk) of partition magic that will allow you to move partitions without losing data. If ya need it, pm me.
  4. shokpin

    shokpin OSNN Junior Addict


    ive been unable to get the winxp cd to boot
    Press Any Key to Boot from CD.....
    push a button and i get a blinking cursor
    any reasons you guys can think of?
    i'll get on a roomates XP Home and make a boot disk later today, see if that helps

    also...for the login of my account, i've waited long enough (5min) for it to do something, i get an error about not being able to validate windows XP, or something, im at work now, so in a few hours ill run it again and post the exact message....

    pc_tek, yes it is partitioned
    8gig partition replicating the old, now burnt hhd (exept the new image was 40meg more full..odd), and the remaining space...
    if i do end up copying the partition over, and doing a clean install of windows, will i be able to transfer over the programs, settings (xept for logins of course :) over?, obviously data no problem, but the proggies will end up workin again on the new windows from the old?

    lol i think im being repititive and confusing...sorry if i am

    ya know
    this wouldnt be as bad as it is if my fuckin original 8gig hadnt blown up out of no where for an unapparent reason to me...AAH
  5. mousetap

    mousetap Guest

    just a thought...

    hi shokpin,

    if i were on ur position...i would install xp rather than ghosting from an image.

    good luck!
  6. shokpin

    shokpin OSNN Junior Addict

    cant quite do that anymore
    as the original image is burnt up

    error message
    A problem is preventing windows from accurately checking the licence for this computer. Error code: 0x80090006
  7. shokpin

    shokpin OSNN Junior Addict

    look at me
    im on my old hhd, its not completely dead yet!
    fyi all....last night, it made a really loud short burst of a WHIR
    blue scree, boot again, "unknown hard drive error"
    figured it was burnt

    just outta curiosity i put it in today
    it works....but it DID make that huge whir....uh oh!

    anyways...through research there IS a problem with XP and ghosting images from one hhd to another, causing the login problems
    now.....i havent seen a really comprehensive drive on how to avoid, or fix the as long as i can keep this old hhd up im going to try some things and sug's out....
    wish me luck i guess eh? :rolleyes:
  8. Gib

    Gib Guest

    Did you use the Western Digital Diag. Tools to install your HD?

    The Software should have come with the HD, if not you can download it from the internet and load it onto a 3.5 disk.

    Once you've got the program, you'll boot up the 3.5. It will partition your drive for you and copy the other drive over. You really don't need to ghost.

    Additionally, during this process make sure you're keeping track of the jumper settings on the HDs. Master vs Slave. If you accidently jumper the HD wrong, you'll get some weird sounds coming from the HD. Also, since you've upgraded to a ATA 100, make sure you're computer's BIOS can handle ATA 66 or 100. And make sure that you use the connector that came with the HD. It is a 80 pin connector, the old HD is a 40 pin. You don't want to use the 80 pin connector with your old HD. But you can use the 40 pin connector with the new HD (just not as fast). So I'd use the 40 pin connector to setup everything first, then put the 80 pin connector after you're finished.

    Final note: make sure you pay attention to the Utility Program prompts when using the 3.5 Diag. Tools. You'll need to answer some questions about format, partition, and copying the old harddrive.

    Hang in there...I've replaced many HDs, and it's never a fun time.

  9. shokpin

    shokpin OSNN Junior Addict

    thanks gib
    much information
    but my drive did not come with any cables or software
    i'll d/l the software, but it says it does not support XP/2k
    i am using the ide cables that came with my mobo
    which i would assume are 80pin (abit kt7a-raid), i have been using them with the old hhd since i upgraded the mobo/processor
    no problems up till now...but maybe its just been waitin for the perfect time :)
    the kt7a-r's do support ATA 100
    so that should be fine..which is why im assuming the cables that came with the mobo are 80pin
  10. Gib

    Gib Guest

    What is the formatting on your old HD?
  11. Gib

    Gib Guest

    The reason I asked the question about format is that if your old HD is 16 or 32 FAT, then you should be able to use the WD software program. On the over hand, if your new hd is format in NTFS copying from a 16 or 32 FAT hd won't work. You'll need to make sure the new hd is formatted to a 16 or 32 FAT.

    If your old HD is formatted in NTFS...then you've reached the limits of my technical expertise. You might check on a software solution like Partition Magic 7.0.

    Finally, you can have mult-partitions on the new drive so you can multi-boot XP, 98, or Linux.

  12. shokpin

    shokpin OSNN Junior Addict

    my old one is on ntsf

    i cant get the WD Tools to create the diskette
    ack, oh so confused and stuck

    if anyone has any experience, or knows of, the best ways to upgrade from an old hhd to a new hhd keeping XP/sofware/settings/LOGINS all intact i'd love an email or im
    email =
    AIM = shokpin

  13. shokpin

    shokpin OSNN Junior Addict


    ive done it
    it came down to the windows activation crap
    the new hhd wasnt registered in there and windows didnt like it
    you had to use sysprep.exe from the Tools, from the windows CD
    heres how i did sure there are a few other variations on these steps that would work as well

    using Partition Magic 7 i told it to copy the boot partition over to the new hhd, something that requires a restart

    next step is to run Sysprep (after an extraction from the cd and renaming the folder its in to Sysprep)....after sysprep is loaded use the Factory switch (press the button)
    it will shutdown windows, reboot the machine, then windows will copy the partition over for you as PM7 has told it to, when thats is finished windows is booted like its the first time its been booted outside of a best guess...reseting the essential hardware it recognizes...
    all is well

    this 'license authorization violation' occurs using, as far as i can tell, any ghost/image/partition copy program when cloning a system to a new harddrive (even on similar drives)

    the previous steps were my way of avoiding this problem
    im sure there are variations in this that will allow it to be done on any XP compatible cloning software, i just happened to use PM7
    thanks for all the help from you all
    especially talijuma who forced me to stop acting like a blubbering idiot and start thinking!:D
  14. bmxjt

    bmxjt Guest

    i think this has helped me solve my most recent problem. I tried Drive Copy 4 to copy my master drive to a new HD and no luck, then I bought Norton Ghost. IT copied however it hangs during the boot after it says it has found the boot record on IDE0. And I am guessing its because of the diffferent boot drive. ugh. I dont have PM7 and dont really want to spend MORE money on this. Im to the point of a fresh start with this HD however I will lose basically everything