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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Capricorn, Jun 5, 2002.

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    Under Win 98 when I installed new Western Digital hard drives they came with software that let you copy the data from the old drive to the new one. I have been told that this software doesn't work with XP. Is there a way of copying Hard Drive data from an old drive to new drive in XP? I mean by installing them both in the same machine until the new drive has been formatted and the data has been exchanged
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    as far as i know , you can copy partitions as long as it's not the boot partition , usually c: , without any hassles , but when it comes to the bootable partition ,i've tried norton ghost 2002 , drive image 2002 , both of which are supposed to be xp compatible , and they seem to work , but when you try and boot off that partition , it locks up or hangs at the boot screen .
    recently i tried partition magic 7 and used to it to copy the boot partition from one drive to another , and it worked fine ,
    i've done it a few times now , on different machines .
  3. I *think* I understand what you're saying...

    You wanna install XP on your new hard drive and pull off data from the old hard drive?

    If this is the case set the old hard drive to slave load, XP onto your new hard drive and bring your system up. You should have another hard drive partition which contains all the info on that hard drive. Lemme know if this is what you're referring to.
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    Yes that is close to what I meant. When I was using Win 98 and changed Western Digital Hard Drives it was all so easy. I just set the new Drive to Slave, installed Western Digital's Software Floppy. This then asked me if I wanted to format the New drive and Import the Operating System from the Old Drive. It then did the whole operation in minutes. The New Drive then had all the info from the Old Drive, and it was a simple task to remove the Old Drive and set the New Drive to master and that was it. It was all so simple, I felt sure that there must be something like that under XP. Western Digital tell me that threi software doesn't work under XP.