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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Malcolm, Mar 29, 2002.

  1. Malcolm

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    I run a dual-boot 98SE/XP Home system and I'm about to replace a 15Gb hard disk (used only for data) to one of about 40GB.
    It will contain 2 partitions of 20 GB each but since the total size of the disk is over 32GB does this mean that the partitions will HAVE to be formatted in NTFS? If so , is there any problem with transferring my saved data from a FAT32 disk to an NTFS system or vice versa?
    The operating system and programs will continue to be on the primary FAT32 drive.
    Are there any other factors/pitfalls that should be looked for?
    Any thoughts will be much appreciated. TIA
  2. allan

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    XP will not format a FAT partition to larger than 32 gig, but you can format in ntfs and convert later
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    Are you sure XP wont put a FAT partition on a Drive larger than 32 Gigs?

    If so....what would happen if you try to create a FAT32 partition of lets say 40 Gigs and then try to install XP on it???

    I am asking because of a f-cked up experience I had installing XP and I am trying to find out what went wrong?....any help is greatly appreciated

  4. allan

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    You CAN format a large drive using fat, but not larger than 32 gig. Using your example, it will format 32 gigs of the 40 gig drive and leave the rest unformatted.

    However, you can format any way you like, install XP and then reformat from within the OS using a 3rd party tool such as Partition Magic. Also, you can format the entire drive in NTFS, install XP, and then CONVERT the drive back to FAT (again using Partition Magic).
  5. Cosmin

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    NTFS partitions are more secure but FAT32 are well known as the best for games and other media applications . NTFS works with large partitions ( as 30 - 40 ... ) but your 20 GB partitions should be necessary for FAT32 . ;)
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