"New Graphics Kid On the Block"

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Black-Syth, Nov 9, 2003.

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    it is intersting, i ahve been following this company for a bit lookking at there dual cards and a lot of the tech is very simalar to the voodoo 5 dual cards but if they get the drivers set right this could be a great card if it is cost effective
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    compared to the hype the last several months it sucks...

    it may be a decent dx8/8.1 competitor but it seems to not have the nuts for a good dx9 fight... and no I don;t think am3 is a good dx9 benchmark...


    however the drivers are raw and I expect performance to improve over time but the current results are being derived with many items not being rendered in the benchmarks... this is reminding me more and more of xabre... part of whose driver team is incorporated in the new volari setup :D

    coincidence ? I think not..

    for those who are unaware's... xabre's 'optimizations' or blatant cheats in benchmarks make nvidia's 'optimizations' look like mother teresa's deeds...

    ergo... volari seems to be providing heavily optimized results currently...