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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by zman, Mar 2, 2002.

  1. zman

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    Please go and spam or hack these guys

    They have a new OGC cheat released ! and CS guard cant pick it up :(



    xxxaim: turns aimbot on (1) or off (0)
    xxxteam: 0 aims at enemies ... 1 aims at enemies and friends ... 2 aims only at friends
    xxxlock: 1 = aimbot does NOT switch target only because another possible target is nearer
    xxxmode: target selection based on distance (0) or angle (1) - relative to your position (0) or your crosshair (1)
    xxxshoot: turns automatic shooting on (1) or off (0) - does only make sense with xxxaim 1
    xxxfov: controls botfov (field of view). Value is in degrees. default ist 30.
    xxxaimthru: target tracking trough walls (1) or not (0).
    xxxinfo: displays info-text on your screen. 0=off 1=aiming info 2=reserved 3=CVAR change confirmations
    xxxpred: aimbot target prediction on (1) or off (0).
    xxxpredmax: how many frames to predict in advance. Default is "2".
    xxxpredtime: ammount of time to go back in history for prediction. Default is "0.05"
    xxxautoburst: Choose between a automatic burst setting (1) and a manual burst setting (0). See below for more information.
    xxxsetburst: This command is used to configure automatic burst. see below for more details
    xxxftime: (Manual setting) indicates how long the fire button should be pressed in seconds. Default is "0.2"
    xxxdtime: (Manual setting) sets the delay after each burst. Default is "0.4"
    xxxsdelay: (Manual setting) sets the starting delay (reaction time after target lock). Default is "0.05"
    xxxrdelay: (Manual setting) sets the release delay (reaction time after target is lost). Default is "0.05"
    xxxburstflags: (Manual setting) see below for a list of flag values
    xxxsaveburst: save all burst settings to the given file in standard config-format. (default is Load the settings using "exec <filename>"
    xxxavdraw: Draws all the current aiming vectors on the screen (1) or not (0)
    xxxavlist: Lists all the current aimvectors for standing (0) or ducking (1) targets.
    xxxavclear: Clears the list of the aimvectors for standing (0) or ducking (1) targets.
    xxxavadd: Adds an aimvector to the row of possible target points on the models (see ogc.cfg for examples).
    xxxrandmax: Part of the random-aiming system. It is the size of the maximum radius around the aimvector-point.
    xxxrandspeed: This is the speed used for moving around the aimvector-point. It will simulate human aiming and should prevent aimbot detection.

    Graphic stuff:

    xxxmirror: Activate(1) or deactivate(0) the rear mirror (not for 3dfx cards)
    xxxmirrorx: x-Position of rear mirror (default is 0 (on the very left))
    xxxmirrory: y-position of rear mirror (default is 0 (on the very top))
    xxxmirrorh: height of mirror in pixels (default is 200)
    xxxmirrorw: width of mirror in pixels (default is 300)
    xxxglow: players glowing like in adminmod ... the value is the glowdistance from player model
    xxxwall: (OpenGL only) turns XQZ-style wallhack on and off
    xxxglextra: (OpenGL only) 1 = white walls / 2 = inverted lighting / 0 = nothing
    xxxlambert: (OpenGL only) lambert
    xxxbarrel: shows targeting laser-lines so you know where enemies are aiming at! The value is the length of laser.
    xxxspiked: spiked player models... value controls length of spikes, for example: 300
    xxxtrans: crates and doors transparency .... 1 = invisible ... 128 = semi .... 255 = full solid ... 0 = off (same as 255)
    xxxlight: nightvision ... value is range
    xxxtglow: current Bot-Target glows green (1) or not (0).
    xxxsglow: ViP or bomb carrier glows in green (1) or not (0).
    xxxesp: shows names of lying weapons and bombs
    xxxbox: draws a small box on every player model 0=off, 1=HLH style, 2=OGC style
    xxxbombtimer: Shows bomb countdown of any bomb (1) or not (0) - needs one explosion first, so that it knows the timing!
    xxxname: displays playername 0=off, 1=full name, x=cut at x characters
    xxxweapon: displays name of current weapon of every player
    xxxavdraw: displays aim vectors and player origin.
    xxxdistance: shows the distance of every player
    xxxconfont: Use console font rather than Admin-Mod font for ESP display
    xxxcross: Choose a non-zoom crosshair. numbers 1,2,3,4 are available. 0=off


    xxxsmoke: doesn't show smoke
    xxxflash: prevents the flashbang whitescreen
    xxxsniper: hides sniper blackout (black area when zoomed)
    xxxrecoil: 0=norecoil off, else recoil compensation multiplier. Recommended setting: 1.0 (OGC 5.0 setting was: 2.0)

    Sound Hack (enable with "xxxpatch sound"):

    xxxsoundaim: automatic aiming at sound markers
    xxxsoundfilter: 0=no markers,1=only for non-visible players,2=also for visible enemies,3=for all players
    xxxsoundtol: sound filter tolerance: how far away the sound can be from a player to be associated with a him. Default=200
    xxxsoundtime: sound marker display duration in seconds
    xxxsoundmax: maximum number of sound markers displayed at once. use this command without arguments to clear out the markers
    xxxmsoundfix: when mirror is on, all sonds are reversed. msoundfix will reverse sound again (1) or not (0).


    xxxzoom: 90 = no zoom. Use values less than 90 to zoom in or use the script included in ogc.cfg -> Bind a key to "+xxxdozoom"
    xxxczoom: continuous zoom, 0=0ff, x='zoom in' for x degrees per frame, negative values zoom out, 1000=stop zooming
    xxxjump: jumps automatically again and again as long as you hold your jump button
    xxxduck: ducks automatically while in the air and not falling down
    xxxlamer: Add a player on the list of high priority targets. see below for more information
    xxxloadcvar: load all cvar settings from the given file
    xxxsavecvar: save all cvar settings to a given file (default is
    xxxpatch: Accepts the following parameters (e.g. "xxxpatch cvar"):

    cvar: Enables the built-in CVars of CS which are blocked because of their use in cheating. See the list below for description.
    sound: Enables sound hack
    xxxsystime: shows system time in upper right corner (1) or not (0).
    xxxtxt: draws the given sentence on the screen in green letters (like admin-mod text)
    xxxmessages: internally used
    xxxmsg: internally used
  2. Electronic Punk

    Electronic Punk Administrator Staff Member Political User Folding Team

    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Your heart is in the right place, but please don't post links to cheat sites - I can't stand 'em!!!
  3. waddy

    waddy OSNN Senior Addict

    Yup the cheaters are ruining CS at the moment. Each to their own , but i dont like the cheaters.

    I cant believe that OGC cheat has all that stuff , thats nuts. You would be almost invincible withall that stuff .

    Cant CS gurad pick it up ?
  4. Electronic Punk

    Electronic Punk Administrator Staff Member Political User Folding Team

    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Sure it eventually will, or a workaround will be found.
    Really sucks.

    Seems 1.4 will redownload an untarnished client.dll everytime making the hook useless (also podbot etc.)

    Browsed their forums quickly and saw loads of posts saying "I hope it can work with 1.4"

    Fcuking llamas.
  5. Kr0m

    Kr0m Moderator

    Turtle Island
    Thanks to the number of CS cheaters out there, the Quake 3 Urban Terror community is growing. Mind you, we're getting the CS cheaters as well. The punks just wont go away.
  6. Electronic Punk

    Electronic Punk Administrator Staff Member Political User Folding Team

    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Damn those Punks.
    Still downloading UT 2.5 on and off, but have found some good tunage to download and that takes precedence :D

    Playing Day Of Defeat and MOHAA too at the moment -awaiting 1.4

    Always interesting when a new version is released and the style of paly for some people seems to change, especially on new maps, everyone is even at that time, it is just down to tactics and ability to move a mouse a little ;)
  7. UniSol

    UniSol I'm all ears

    Would like to see them cheat on our servers :p

    Hell ... even if people cheat they still lose which makes them total LAMOS! :cool:
  8. Ci2e

    Ci2e XPert

    Reasons to give up Counter-Strike

    -Too many cheaters
    -cheaters are making it obvious; you can't stop us!
    -no one works together; you just run around
    -how big is that update; 500MB; and then Counter-Strike is sh!t big too. (even though I have a good connection; its not worth all the trouble)
    -Half-Life is old- it looks like sh!t; really it does.
    -Has there been any new maps added; that are worth talking about? (no im not talking about modifying an original CS Map)

    -Quake 3 is better and there are too many points that can be made; I don't care what you people say half-life is old quake 3 is new; well then why are you all still playing it?

    Here come all the people that disagree :rolleyes: ; and agree :D
  9. Sinster

    Sinster Moderator

    There are way to many cheater out there. We made Cheating Death Mandatory on our server and the server is completely empty. The only people who show up are the people who hacked cheating death.. but they are soon kicked and banned by cs Guard. Once we make it optional, our server is full, but I say at least 2 people get caught by CS Guard on every map.

    I have never been to a cs cheat website or I have never downloaded any cheats. I have no disire too.
  10. UniSol

    UniSol I'm all ears

    Come play on our servers, they are closly monitored, cheats are caught and rarely appear :)
  11. eGoalter

    eGoalter Guest


    i hate cheaters, i hate em i hate em i hate em. i quit playing ut
    on the public servers because of all the cheaters. they ruin the fun in all these games.
  12. eGoalter

    eGoalter Guest

    hey Electronic Punk?

    hey Electronic Punk, what is ut 2.5?
  13. Electronic Punk

    Electronic Punk Administrator Staff Member Political User Folding Team

    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Hopefully CS will produce a little time of no-cheating.
    No credit to the hackers, but they always find a way...

    Perhaps if they spent less time reverse engineering and more time playing the game, they wouldn't need to cheat.
  14. eGoalter

    eGoalter Guest

    well said, hehe

    besides how do they get any satisfaction from cheating. i love the
    feeling of fragging everyone and pissing them off, without cheating. i mean any one that has spent time with a game knows when some one is cheating, for example, in ut i ranked in the top 100 on the ngworld stats,(not gloating just making a point) meaning i obviously got good at the game. then someone comes along and kills u everytime, its obvious. yea theres always someone out there better than you, but not so much better that you cant kill em once and they kill you,
    like you bought the game an hour ago. people who cheat have no confidence in there gaming skills, and i bet they have a sorry
    life as well. whats really funny is when someone cheats, but still gets there butt whooped, lol ive seen it a few times.
    ok now im just blabbing , ill shut up. hail to the real gamers....:cool:
  15. Electronic Punk

    Electronic Punk Administrator Staff Member Political User Folding Team

    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Yeah the thought that they have to sit around watching the end of the round is wicked, especially when you get an awesome headshot or show some action of complete random skill..

    I tend to be the subject tho as I always distracted....

    I am also a very aggressive monopoly player tho and have resorted to slagging matches more than once.
    Must win.
  16. eGoalter

    eGoalter Guest


    i love the random, skill. when you pull somthing off that you thought was impossible,lol. its so rewarding. and people are like
    damn hes good, but little do they know u probably couldnt doit
    again if u tried. lolol:D
  17. Sinster

    Sinster Moderator

    Cheaters have ruined the game. Those people who are actually have great skills always get accused of cheating.

    I have been kicked from servers for owning n00bs. I am a above average player. Once in awhile I get on a roll. When I get on that roll, the "You are a bleeping hacker" start flying. It's sad that these l00ser who make up cheats ruin a great game. For the honest people.
  18. UniSol

    UniSol I'm all ears

    I would love to play you guys, drop by the servers (see signature) :p
  19. nicd

    nicd Guest

    I love out smarting a wallhacker that starts shooting as soon as they turn the corner, but you hear him :p

    Like just today, people were observing my playing and totally saw the guy was wallhacking, I was super careful and awaiting someone as i heard the loser step into the room, HEADSHOT!
    and everybody said: nice speedy way to own a wallhacker!
    ^^that felt good, practice makes perfect[or at least better then cheaters] :)

    In that sense cheaters give some challenge that would otherwise not be there... having to be EXTRA careful. But of course I'd much rather not have cheaters at all.

    I think all these people need is good real life examples to set them straight, and that feeling you get when you start getting headshots after practicing a few hours for the first time.

    Another thing about cheaters is they ruin the way i setup my controls.. files like joystick.cfg get scanned for some reason and some servers wont let me in... quite anoying.