New Computers with full XP CD?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Capricorn, Aug 1, 2004.

  1. Capricorn

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    Are there any new computers being sold with a full XP CD, rather than a recovery CD, most of the recovery CDs that I have seen are bundled with a load of software that installs every time you do a format and install, and of course most of it is out of date before you even get the computer home.
  2. ElementalDragon

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    Lehighton, PA
    i don't think so. they probably wind up paying less for their volume licensing that way, or something. you might be able to ask for one, but probably have to pay extra.
  3. Lee

    Lee OSNN Proxy

    My first XP came with recovery disk, I then asked for the full version on a seperate cd and they sent me it.
  4. Perris Calderon

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    new york
    the e machine laptop I have came with a full's about a year old now, I don't know what they're giving with the new machines.
  5. Petros

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    What does the directory structure look like on your recovery disc? You may be able to convert it if you see a folder called $OEM$.
  6. Tuffgong4

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    when I order a dell a long time ago I got a full xp cd as well
  7. Henyman

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    i got recovery cd's with my new laptop :(

    worse is on my old desktop, that has a hidden recovery partition :eek: have to pay extra for recovery c.d's :eek:
  8. Bucky Badger

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    My hp laptop 3 years ago came with 4 recoveryCD's :eek:
    My sis bought a HP Pavilion 1 year ago and has the partition with the recovery built in. :mad:
  9. NetRyder

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    Dell sent me a separate XP CD with my notebook with an OEM product key sticker on the machine itself. All the other bundled software and drivers were on separate CDs.
    I personally don't like recovery CDs and recovery partitions are even worse.
  10. Lee

    Lee OSNN Proxy

    Getting rid of the partition, mine was about 3 gigabytes, *H it was under. I did a fdisk to get rid of it. It is now 8 megabytes, just a loose point on my HD.
    Recovery CD's, got a few of em. They will be hitting the bin soon, plonk.
  11. Glaanieboy

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    The Netherlands
    An OEM CD version of Windows XP costs about 140 euros, while only a paper license (with preinstallation of XP and recovery CD's/partition, which are basically a copy of the HD) costs about 40 euros. They save up to 100 euros per machine, that's why some (or most) manufacturers choose for the last option, it's all in the marketing. The reason why some manufacturers send the cd anyway when you ask for it, is purely a service. They sell 1000's of computers, so if a dozen people ask for it, it doesn't hurt them much to send the cd's.
  12. Johnny

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    Happy Valley
    My dell came with a fresh OS and the bundle garbage is on another cd, it wo't let you decide from that what to install though - Once you run it it will install everything .. But it still makes it affective in not having the OEM crap that will kill your system more than it will save it.
  13. Admiral Michael

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    My laptop came with 7 restore cds and 1 XP Home OEM CD.
  14. Son Goku

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    Restore partition? :eek: That one is news to me.

    /remind me why I build my own computers now... :D

    Anyhow, recovery CDs and partitions, bleh...are about as bad as them copious AOL CDs I keep getting thrown at me in the mail. Sorry, got 2 of them just this month, and I'd never want their service...

    BTW, my suggestion would be to contact the seller before putting your money down and entering into a sales agreement. Be very up front and tell them what it is you want (in this case a full XP install CD) before purchasing. The worst they can do is refuse to provide (you can go elsewhere), but you can politely and determinetely let them know that this is a priority in your willingness to purchase, if they press or try to talk you out of it... Given some people's experiences, they might just agree and give you one :cool:
  15. Reg

    Reg eXperienced!

    Arlington, TX
    My Sony VAIO came with a 3 CD Restore deal. However, from what I have been seeing, it appears that the following companies distribute the full CD (or will give it to you upon request).

    1. Dell - Full CD on some models, restore on others. Full CD by request.
    2. HP - Full CD on most models. Not an official disk, but does say Windows XP OS
    3. Compaq - Same as HP.
    4. Toshiba - Restore CD on most models. Full CD by request.
  16. Ferral_Imp

    Ferral_Imp Moderator

    When I got my laptop from HP a little over a year ago, it came with 4 system restore disks, and a full copy of Win xp pro along with disks for several of the preinstalled programs.
  17. dom02

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    my sager came with a recovery disk but there's nothing on it besides xp. It came with a separate disk with all the manufacturers garbage.
  18. ThePatriot

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    I can verify least the HP/Compaq part. We buy only HP/Compaq workstations at my workplace and they come with 2 CD's. One recovery and one OS. It's not an actual MS CD, but it will install the OS by itself if you so choose, without using the recovery CD, though you may still have to pop it in to get any drivers not on the XP CD.
  19. theophilus

    theophilus OSNN Junior Addict

    I ordered my mom an HP laptop about a year ago, and it came with 4 recovery CD's as well as a regular XP Home disk, plus a half dozen other disks for misc. programs. It had an OEM sticker on it with the key.
  20. tibboh

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    Preston England
    The HP I recently bought for my daughter had a recovery partition only - the first thing you have to do is extract and burn onto 6 CD's (and you only get one chance to do this). You then delete the partition (as it is then unusable) so it becomes one drive.