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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by FishBoy, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. yo i just built my friend a nice computer i love it 1300CDN total, i sold him my antec 480w and i got myself an antec 550w :D
    his specs are:
    ASUS A8V Deluxe
    ATI Radeon 9600(XT or PRO) 256-bit
    NEC 3520
    WD 160SATA
    Antec 480w
    17" ViewSonic
    Kingston 512 DDR400
    it was all good until it was time to boot windows everytime it starts loading windows it restarts it gave me a weird distorted BSOD i did a memtest86 on it no errors, im doing a WD diagnostic scan on it now with Hiren't boot CD hope it all goes well if no errors are there then im gonna try to reinstall windows :D wish me luck
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    you must be the first person I met that loves a new build with a BSOD!

    hehe - seriously that is a budget machine and all compoinents should be "tried and tested" so I would never think hardware first off - my guess is drivers. Good luck with finding it - How's your friend loving it? Hope he doesn't think the BSOD is your fault!
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    check to see if there is a bios update...if it's a 90nm amd64 it may need a new bios to run correctly...

    good luck and nice rig
  4. well no i was gonna cry when windows didn't boot,i dind't like the bsod, it's like a baby that died, but im gonna fix it and i'lll try to update the bios in the worst cases
    no he's cool about the bsod, im loving the computer more than he is although he loves it too, but no he understands the bsod is a tiny fault, he's in the same program as i am at college (computer programming and analisys), he's in first semester im in second but he dones't know much about hardware
  5. and omg the audigy 4 is only 321 CDN i want it
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    Are you trying to install windows or boot into it? If it is a hard drive with windows already installed you will probably have to format & start from scratch.
  7. nop everything was new i formatted the dirk with the windows xp cd before starting to copy all the files but, but today im gonna try to reinstall windows maybe it'll work coz everything else seems fine so the only thing that could've gone wrong is the installation of windows
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    Audigy 4 = Audigy 2 with a different price tag :D
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    Congrats dude. :)